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Jinan Becomes the First to Use Quantum Communication Network

Information is a common concern of people, and using quantum technology for information encryption has been one of the most effective ways by now. Testing of Jinan Quantum Communication Network for Party and Government Organs, the first commercial quantum communication network, has been completed recently, and the whole network is expected to be put into operation officially by the end of August this year.

It is learned all communication data in Jinan quantum communication network for Party and government organs has gone through a process known as quantum cryptography via the professional equipment in the core machine room, before confidential communication is carried out between these data and nearly 200 terminals within hundreds of square kilometers. More than 50 items have been tested since the testing of the communication network began in May, and over 4,000 passwords are produced per second between users in their communications. 

According to Zhou Fei, assistant director of Jinan Quantum Science Institute, the quantum communication network will be extended to such areas like national defense, finance and power as a pilot program. Quantum communication technology is called “the key technology to protect communication confidentiality and privacy in future information society”, and now China takes the lead in this respect in the world.

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