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City Leaders Met with Members of Jinan Municipal Committee of CPPCC from Hong Kong and Macao and Special Advisers

On the afternoon of January 7th, Wang Wentao, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Shandong Provincial Committee and Secretary of the CPC Jinan Municipal Committee, Wang Zhonglin ,Deputy Secretary of CPC Jinan Municipal Committee and Mayor of Jinan City, and Lei Jie ,Chairman of the Jinan Municipal Committee of CPPCC met with members of Jinan Municipal Committee of CPPCC from Hong Kong and Macao  and special advisers attending the the 2nd Session of the 14th  Municipal Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC).

Wang Wentao expressed warm welcome to the members from Hong Kong and Macao and special advisers attending the session. He said that the year 2017 was eventful. The 19th Communist Party of China National Congress was successfully held. Jinan's economic and social development has made great progress. In terms of economic development ,in the first three quarters of 2017, the growth of five major economic indicators exceeded that of the province's average for the first time since 2000; In terms of city management, the city, with the highest score among all the competing provincial capital cities, was granted the prize as "National City of Virtue" this year, which  has been looking forward to by local citizens for 20 years; In terms of city construction, two loop Expressways closed loop into a network and rail transit construction has been in full swing. These achievements are inseparable from the care and support of these members and advisers.They have long been concerned about the motherland and Jinan. They played an irreplaceable role for Jinan's economic and social development and opening to the outside world. In 2018, Jinan will tightly focus on the central task of “building four centers and constructing modern spring city”. In accordance with the "1+454" system, we will accelerate the development of construction and embark on a new journey. He expressed hope that the members and advisers, giving full play to the advantages of their unique perspective and visionary insights, continue to offer suggestions and put forward valuable suggestions for the development of Jinan.   

Finally, Wang Wentao also introduced  Jinan’s pilot zone for shifting economic growth driver to the members and special advisers. He said that Jinan is a city long in the east-west direction while narrow in the south-north direction. Therefore, in the long run, it is not feasible for the urban construction to be extended only in the east-west direction. In the future, the construction will be extended across the Yellow River to include the Yellow River into Jinan's development and make the shift for Jinan from "Daming Lake era" to "the Yellow River era". This year is the first year for Jinan to construct the pilot zone for shifting economic growth dirver,and “three bridges and one tunnel” construction work has already started. He expressed hope that members and advisers will pay more attention to the construction of the pilot zone, give full play to their role as bridges, and actively promote the pilot zone to the outside world and share the fruits of Jinan's development.

City leaders Jiang Xiaoguang, Wang Yonghua, Li Haochen, Liu Menghai and Mao Huaming, the Municipal Government Secretary General, participated in these activities.

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