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Jinan welcomes delegation from sister city Rennes

The mayor and deputy Party secretary of Jinan, Sun Shutao, met a delegation from Rennes led by its mayor, Nathalie Appéré, at Shungeng Hillview Hotel on Nov 13.

Rennes, the capital city of Brittany in northwestern France, established sister city ties with Jinan in 2002. Sun welcomed Nathalie Appéré and her delegation, and gave a brief introduction to Jinan's economic and social development.

Covering 8,000 square kilometers, Jinan possesses superiorities in location, natural environment, resources, industries and investment environment.

"We pay great attention to developing the friendship between the two cities," Sun said. "Currently, communications and cooperation between us have entered a new stage, especially in the fields of gardening, animal husbandry and urban renewal."

"It is expected that the collaboration between Jinan and Rennes in higher education, culture and high-tech industries can be strengthened in the near future," Sun added.

Nathalie Appéré showed her appreciation of the warm reception of Jinan. The two parties maintain regular exchange visits and achieve breakthroughs in education, culture and gardening. It is hoped that the two cities can keep on strengthening communications, deepening cooperation and promoting mutual development, Appéré said.

Sun Shutao (right), the mayor and deputy Party secretary of Jinan, meets his Rennes counterpart, Nathalie Appéré, at Shungeng Hillview Hotel on Nov 13. [Photo/jinan.gov.cn]

Jinan government officials and the delegation from Rennes have a deep conversation on future communication and cooperation between the two cities. [Photo/jinan.gov.cn]

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