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Sun Shutao Meets with Stanford University Study Group

On the afternoon of November 23, Sun Shutao, Deputy Secretary of Jinan Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, met with the Stanford University delegation led by Prof. Dai Muzhen, Director of the China Center of Stanford University, at Longao Building. Cheng Dezhi, member of the Standing Committee of Jinan Municipal Party Committee, Secretary of Jinan Municipal Discipline Inspection Commission, and Director of Jinan Municipal Supervision Commission, attended the event.

At the meeting, Sun Shutao expressed his welcome to the experts and scholars of Stanford University on behalf of Jinan Municipal Party Committee and Jinan Municipal Government. He said that Professor Dai Muzhen has conducted in-depth research on China's rural governance, central and local fiscal systems, and China's property rights system. The professors of the inspection team have made great achievements in their respective fields. We sincerely hope that all experts and professors will take a look at Jinan and make suggestions for its development. We will accept the advice with humility and consider them carefully.

At the following symposium, Cheng Dezhi introduced the economic and social development of the city to the guests, and the practices performed by Jinan Municipal Discipline Inspection Commission to ensure Jinan Party Committees and Government to conscientiously perform their duties, and guarantee the city’s healthy economic and social development. He said that the city's discipline inspection and supervision organs are loyal to their duties, which are actively optimizing the business environment, strengthening TV politics, and relying on accountability to deepen the "one-time implementation" reform, which laid a solid foundation for international cooperation.

The inspection team fully affirmed the achievements of Jinan construction and development and put forward valuable opinions. The inspection team said that Jinan has a long history and strong cultural heritage, as well as unique location advantages and developed industrial systems. It is expected that the two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation in the fields of medical care and health. The inspection team will play a bridge role and contribute to the promotion of exchanges and cooperation between Jinan and universities and research institutions at home and abroad.

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