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Jinan Pilot Zone to achieve leapfrog development

The planning area for Jinan New and Old Growth Driver Conversion Pilot Zone. [Photo/WeChat account: sdsbqmt] 

The construction of Jinan New and Old Growth Driver Conversion Pilot Zone has been vigorously developed.

The State Council authorized in January 2018 the Shandong Implementation Plan for the New and Old Growth Driver Conversion Pilot Zone, the first regional development strategy in China approved after the 19th CPC National Congress and the first one themed on new and old growth driver conversion. The plan is officially integrated into a national strategy. Shandong will pioneer new and old growth driver conversion and seek to be a national demonstration base.

"We are supposed to advance the construction of the pilot zone with all strength in 2018, which marks the first year of building the New and Old Growth Driver Conversion Pilot Zone," said the Jinan municipal government work report.

The development of the pilot zone was a key recommendation of the fifth Plenary Session of the 11th CPC Jinan Municipal Committee. The session required that it should, adhering to project priority, transport priority, ecology priority and reform priority, take full advantage of priorities to achieve new breakthroughs in the construction of the pilot zone, leading the new and old kinetic energy conversion across Shandong province.

Kinetic Energy Conversion - industrial development focusing on "four-new-industry"

The pilot zone, guided by the concept of "the current investment structure is exactly the industrial structure of the future", has focused on the development direction of the "four-new-industries" principle–new smart manufacturing, new technologies, new services and new consumption–in the process of attracting investment. It has introduced a batch of major industrial projects, laying a foundation for its own sustainable high-quality development.

The planning area for Jinan New and Old Growth Driver Conversion Pilot Zone. [Photo/WeChat account: sdsbqmt] 

"Taking the project of Greenland International Expo City signed on June 23 as an example, this project worth nearly 100 billion yuan ($14.4 billion) covers 453 hectares which will be used to build new centers for the conference sector, scientific and technological innovation and high-end education in Jinan," said Song Weidong, deputy secretary of Party working committee of Jinan New and Old Growth Driver Conversion Pilot Zone and director of its management committee.

Many projects, such as the International Convention and Exhibition Center, the International Conference Center and Qilu State Guesthouse, have aroused wide public interest.

According to Song, the area of the International Convention and Exhibition Center in the Greenland International Expo City project will reach up to 550,000 square meters with 450,000 square meters for indoor exhibition halls. It will be capable of undertaking the largest auto show in China, changing the current situation where Jinan has not had the ability to undertake world-class exhibitions due to limited exhibition areas. 

Such high-end projects can be found everywhere in the pilot zone. The project for China Hydrogen Valley, which was signed in December 2017, is aimed at fostering an innovative cluster of the hydrogen energy industry. 

The innovation cluster will focus on key materials, components, electric piles, dynamic systems as well as the research and development of complete vehicles with hydrogen energy research at its core. 

In addition, efforts will be made to promote and apply hydrogen-power business vehicles, buses and municipal vehicles, facilitating the pilot zone to serve as the demonstration area for hydrogen energy operations. 

Another 10 projects, such as the Cainiao Network Jinan Smart Logistics Center and the Raycom Info-tech Jinan International Info-tech Center, are expected to be signed soon.

Work has started on over 120 significant projects, including Zhongyun production-education-research cluster, the Liandong Technology Valley, the China Resources Health Town and the city complex.

All of these projects will work together to inject new energy into the pilot zone's sustainable high-quality development.

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