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Shanghe Economic Development Zone

Construction of Shandong Shanghe Economic Development Zone started in February 2001. In March 2006, it became a provincial-level development zone approved by the Shandong provincial government, with an area of 4.33 sq km authorized for development and a planning area of 14.46 sq km. In May 2007, Shanghe county Party committee and county government decided to build an industrial park on the southwest of the county's urban area, with the aim of accelerating the industrialization and urbanization process of the county and setting up another significant platform for its industrial and economic development. In June 2012, they again decided to integrate the development zone and the industrial park to turn them into two parks to optimize the allocation of resources and achieve dislocation development and leapfrog development.

The Shangnan Industrial Park reaches Qingyuan Street and Zhujiawa Ditch to the north, the administrative boundary and planned road intersecting with Jiyang to the south, Yuhuang West Road to the west, and Provincial Highway 248 to the east. It is planned to cover 14.46 square kilometers, with 4.33 sq km authorized for development. The urban area industrial park, founded in May 2007, is located in the southwest of Shanghe county. The first stage of the park will cover 12 sq km. Its western side is 3 km from the exit of the new Beijing-Shanghai Highway, and its north side is 12 km from Delongyan Railway. The provincial Highway 316 stretches east to west, and 248 passes from north to south. Therefore, with the park enjoying convenient transport and a favorable location, it has become a key base of the developing industrial economy in Jinan and a main venue for the city's northward development strategy. With years of construction, the zone's infrastructure has taken shape gradually.

The Shangnan Industrial Park has developed on 10 sq km, and built 47 km of roads. The coverage rate of road and pipe networks has reached 70 percent. Its drainage pipeline covers 22.57 km and green coverage has reached 700,000 square meters. The urban area industrial park has developed an area of 7.5 sq km, and built 24.4 km of roads, 12 km of sewage pipelines, and 14.5 km of water supply pipelines. Its green coverage has reached 307,600 sq m. Its infrastructure has also developed gradually. There are two water supply plants in the zone to satisfy local enterprises' production needs and people's daily requirements. Qingyuan plant has a water supply capacity of 30,000 cubic meters per day, while Kaiyuan plant has a capacity of 15,000 cu m a day. There is a sewage disposal plant with a daily handling capacity of 10,000 tons. There are four transformer substations named Yangzhuangpu (35 kilovolts), Kaiyu (110 kv), Shangxi (110 kv) and Shangpu (110 kv). The former two supply power to the Shangnan Industrial Park, while the latter two supply the urban area industrial park. They are all capable of double circuit power supply, which can meet the enterprises' needs for first level power load or a higher level. There is a natural gas station, part of the country’s west-east natural gas transmission pipeline, which can supply 400,000 cu m of gas per day.

The zone has formed pillar industries: agricultural products, byproducts processing, textiles and nonmetallic mineral products. A modern and new development zone with thriving industries, well-equipped supporting facilities, beautiful scenery, and comfortable working and living environment has formed. 

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