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New Material Industrial Park

Jinan New Material Industrial Park is a provincial-level development zone approved by the Shandong provincial government in 2006. The park focuses on the new materials industry, and also attaches importance to strategic emerging industries such as new energy, biomedicine, electronic information, energy conservation and environmental protection. It is the only industrial park in Shandong specializing in new materials.

Exploring development path with characteristics

The park is actively exploring new routes, new models and new methods to activate the vigor of the region, nurture its own driving force, and make itself bigger, stronger and better. Through years of development, the park has kept pursuing innovation and succeeded in practicing a development model of "achievement, team, platform, service".

(1) Making clear the positioning of the industry. 

The Jinan New Material Industrial Park, originally known as Jinan Chemical Engineering Industrial Park, was granted the title of "China Torch Program Characteristic Industry Base" by the Torch Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology in September 2012. It got its current name in August 2013 and became the only industrial park specializing in the new materials industry in Shandong.

(2) Insisting on city-industry integration. 

The park insists on the combination of industrialization and urbanization. It works on both cultivating stronger industries and improving its urban functions, and promoting city-industry integration. It continually improves its infrastructure, including power supply, water supply, heating, natural gas, sewage disposal and firefighting facilities. It changes ideas, innovates thinking patterns, and explores a development model that effectively promotes the park's economic and industrial development from four aspects. One is a high degree of city-industry integration. The implementation of a northward strategy is to accelerate development by using industrialization to drive urbanization. The strategy combines the development of industry and urbanization, and has promoted city-industry integration. From the current situation, it can be seen that the park has preliminarily realized city-industry integration. The second is high-intensity land use ratio. The construction of large platform projects and industrial real estate projects leads to the arrival of more enterprises, which promotes the clustering of industries and causes more effective, more reasonable and more intensive land use. The third is enterprises making profits quickly after going into production. This development model greatly shortens the period from starting construction to going into production. Normally, it takes a year or longer for an industrial project to go from signing the contract to going into production. But under the new development model, companies moving in can finish industrial, commercial and tax registration in as few as 10 days, finish equipment installation and debugging in two months, and go into production in three months. This saves a great deal of time and is conducive to hi-tech enterprises specializing in new materials. The fourth is improved enterprise exit mechanism. Previously, when a company went bankrupt, large amounts of equipment and land were left unused, causing a serious waste of resources. But now, the park or other enterprises can buy the right to use the factory buildings, and then bring in new industries and projects, which reduces the waste of land resources, forms efficient and dynamic resource allocation, and improves enterprise exit mechanisms.

(3) Insisting on government-industry-university-research cooperation. 

Under the guidance of the government, the park has integrated its enterprises and scientific research resources, promoted innovation and independent research and development, and strengthened its scientific capacity and soft power. It has actively explored and succeeded practicing a characteristic development route of "achievement, platform, team, service".

(4) Insisting on opening-up and cooperation. 

The park has made efforts to build high-end platforms to open doors to the outside world, using opening-up to add vigor and create advantages, with the aim of developing itself into a new hub for the export-oriented economy. It participated in the construction of the China-Japan-ROK Free Trade Area, as it has been listed as a pioneering demonstration area for China-Japan-ROK industrial cooperation in Jinan and has continued to attract more investment from South Korea. With the support of the provincial Taiwan affairs office, the park got Shandong's first cross-Straits youth entrepreneurship base, with a planned area of about 300,000 square meters. The base has attracted young Taiwan people to invest or start businesses on the Chinese mainland, and promoted economic and cultural exchanges between Shandong and Taiwan. The park signed an agreement with Germany's Chemical Cluster Bavaria in Munich to co-build the Sino-German New Materials Science Park, which helps it attract more German hi-tech projects chemistry, chemical engineering, new materials, carbon fiber and high-end equipment manufacturing.

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