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A Three-Year Action Plan for the Construction of a National Civilized City Issued in Jinan

People of Jinan have been greatly inspired and the sense of pride, honor and security was aroused as the city was entitled as one of the national civilized cities.  In order to secure the achievement in the construction of a national civilized city and forge ahead, The Three-Year Action Plan for the Construction of a National Civilized City (2018-2020) has been formulated.

The action plan cherishes the people-oriented idea and adheres to the concept of “for the people, by the people, with minimizing intervention”. It places focus on the municipal party committee and municipal government center. It encourages structure featuring “universal participation, joint contribution and shared benefits” and pursues “targeted policy, precise operation” means. It also promotes a long-term working procedure with the whole city involved sharing integrated efforts to ensure people a sense of gain, happiness and security. Jinan will continue the renovation and quality improvement on the starting point as a national civilized city and build an influenced brand of civilized urban construction throughout the country. As a result, Jinan will still be the national civilized city prize holder and take the lead in the building of civilized city among provincial capitals and sub-provincial cities with its late-mover advantage highlighted.

It is known that the action plan is formulated in accordance with the reality of Jinan and the standards noted in National Civilized Cities (Cities above the Prefecture Level) Assessment System and Assessment System of National Ideological and Moral Construction Work on Juveniles. The core of the plan is focusing on taking ten actions to promote the civilized city construction. The actions include advancing the education in ideals and beliefs, improving citizens’ civilized quality, promoting integrity in the city, advancing the legal and cultural construction, upgrading the city management, providing better window services, pursuing the courteous travelling, furnishing Juveniles with intensified ideological and moral education, and pushing for cultural and ideological progress in rural areas.

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