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White Paper on Building a Rule of Law Government Issued

Since the 18th CPC National Congress in 2012, the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core has made a series of major management strategies for the overall goal of forming a system which serves” the socialist rule of law with Chinese characteristics” and building a country under ”the socialist rule of law”. The CPC Central Committee and State Council have drawn up Outline for the Building of a Rule of Law Government 2015-2020, making clear its road map, letter of responsibility and schedule. The Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government of Jinan set up a central leading group for the building of a law-abiding government, with Deputy Secretary of The Municipal Party Committee and Mayor Wang Zhonglin as its group leader. In the light of The Outline for the Building of a Rule of Law Government, the Legal Affairs Office of Jinan performed its leading role by holding detailed worksheets of primary mission and measures about 3-year Action Plan on Building a Government Ruled by Law. In 2017, serving as the first person responsible, departments of all levels in Jinan earnestly exercised its duties by establishing a law-based government leadership, attaching great importance to building a law-oriented leading body and cadre team, and setting up a promotion guideline targeted at legal attainments and edification as well. All departments have spared no efforts in increasing training and learning opportunities aimed at law-based administration and strengthening their work efficiency and capacity in legal modes while addressing problems. The Government has made huge contributions in the following six aspects:

I. Enhancing the government’s capacity of exercising duties

The government optimized its functions by formulating Adjustment Plan on Departments Integration of Jinan Municipal People’s Government, breaking down the urban-rural dual fragmentation patterns formed in history and developing a grand mechanism respectively in the areas of transportation, construction, verdurization, water and foreign affairs. The Driving Forces Conversion Pilot Zone Management Committee and International Medical Science Central Management Committee in Jinan have been established in succession. The Municipal Party Committee and The Municipal Government issued Suggestions on the Implementation of Creating Ten Utmost Governance Service Environment for the Driving Forces Conversion in order to achieve that goal. Jinan took the lead in adopting “supervisory platform plus random inspection” mode, perfecting 630 operational and post-operational oversight stipulations with 395 random checks. The city was the first to simplify the enterprise registration procedure by using a general 1 certificate instead of 31 in the past. At the same time, Jinan has carried out innovative service measures for enterprise registration, including the merging of related procedures, tolerance towards temporary insufficient materials, entire electronic process, free delivery, etc. The city also brought forth the idea of “One List, Two Rosters, and One Specification” (list for random checks, market body directory roster and law enforcement inspector roster, specification of "double random" check work rules) so as to fully cover the supervision on food and drug. Furthermore, the Municipal Government carried out classified supervision on credit to standardize credit rating.

The capacity of social governance and public service has been enhanced and promoted drastically. With the aim of establishing National Civilized City, Jinan worked assiduously in propelling meticulous city management work, putting overall grid management of social order into effect and developing Xue Liang Project ---a public security safeguard program. The city simplified and optimized public service procedures, compiled service items catalogue and handbooks and perfected serious illness hospitalization insurance system for laborers and residents in full operation with 180,000 new urban employment. Solid progress has been made in the humanistic and considerate reforms of public cultural system construction such as the reorganization and expansion of 187 elementary and secondary schools, together with 90 kindergartens. The emergence of 120 multifunctional cultural service centers in poverty-stricken villages won Jinan reputation and appraise in providing “education with warmth”.

The grid supervision system of environmental protection has been built. Taking inspections as impetus, the Municipal Government rectified 1399 problems fed back by the Central environment protection inspectors, fulfilling the task of environmental protection on air, water and land pollution. 24-hour available inspection and “Woodpecker” Action Plan on air pollution prevention and control have been carried out and the government is striving to create an intelligent environmental protection database as a supervisory platform so as to realize the real-time monitoring on over 4,200 detecting pots of air quality and sources of pollution. Measures have been taken respectively to eliminate illegal water sources in southern mountain areas and urban sewage. In terms of mountain and vegetation cover, the administration delimited 170 red lines for mountain protection, built up 30 mountain parks and afforested 56,000 mu greening space. The government severely punished those who violate the law and regulations by bringing 135 environmental pollution cases to trial.

Ⅱ Promoting a law-based administrative system 

Centering on major fields like prevention against haze and traffic jams, demolition on illegal buildings,driving forces conversion and security system of people’s livelihood, the administration is carrying forward its legislation and executing NPC annual legislative plan and government regulation plan. On one hand, the Municipal Government has encouraged more people to participate in the drawing up of the law and promoted public opinion solicitation system with a time limit of no less than 30 days for websites and newspapers. On the other hand, it has rolled out enactment and implementation of regulations on air pollution prevention and control, conservation of water and soil, wetland protection, restraint on fireworks and firecrackers, safety appraisal on buildings, sanitary control over domestic drinking water and  meteorological disaster warning. Review and management on normative documents, concerning complexes equipped with elevators, online taxi-hailing service and simplified enterprise cancellation of registration, have been strengthened.

Ⅲ Improving a scientific and democratic decision-making capacity 

The major administrative decision-making process shall be further improved. The new administration revised The Working Rules of Jinan Municipal People’s Government and Rules of Procedure on The Municipal Government’s Executive Meeting, making clear major administrative decision-making procedures of the municipal government. Legal counsel and advisers are expected to play a positive role in examining executive decisions and proposing suggestions on prevention and control over law-related risks. The government’s think tank has been strengthened and 21 counselors were appointed. A full coverage of city-county-town governments’ legal counselor has been achieved when the transition work was successful and experts in the specific fields like investment and financing, reorganization of stock rights and capital operation have been added to the experts and counselors list. 

IV. Taking strict measures to standardize administrative law enforcement

Comprehensive administrative law enforcement bureaus will be established in counties and districts in response to the appeal for accelerated reform of the comprehensive law enforcement system. Comprehensive law enforcement across the departments and fields will be carried out. The towns (streets) shall be endowed with some of the administrative enforcement powers which are appropriate to exercise in the government at the grass-roots level. Three regulations will be put into action, including that of publicizing the law enforcement, of recording the overall enforcement process, of legal review on the important enforcement decisions. Tasks, steps, the matters to be combed, the planned process and normative text should be clear and definite. The implementation of publicizing the administrative law enforcement should be involved in the check quota of the open government information. Besides, the city will confirm and make public the list of municipal officials involved in administrative law enforcement to practice the regulation of releasing the subjects enforcing law. The city also engages in the evaluation of the enforcement files. The city will drive deeper in strengthening enforcement officer management through the enforcement trains online and examinations. In last year, 1,093 enforcement officers were cultivated. In addition, the city will step up the “rule of the law will shield the enterprises” project and conduct activities of standardizing law enforcement for enterprises three times a year to seek advices from all sides on the issues enterprises concern. 

IV.Gradually intensifying efforts on the supervision of administrative power

The city will push forward the reform on the supervision system of administrative enforcement and arrange administrative law enforcement supervision bureaus in the municipal governments, county governments and district governments. Ten counties and districts have witnessed the establishment of bureaus, realizing the goal of one administrative law enforcement supervision bureaus in one level of government.  

Strengthen oversight and accountability in accordance with law. On one hand, the government shall abide by the law and accept law and work supervision of the People's Congresses and democratic oversight of the CPPCC. The government should also step up administrative oversight through auditing. In the last year, 365 suggestions by the NPC representatives 691 proposals by the CPPCC members were handled with the ration between case handling and closure reaching 100%.Besides, 73 audit and special audit investigation projects were finished. On the other hand, the notice should be printed and distributed that strengthens responsibilities of party and government cadres on ecological environment protection and resource conservation. The pilot audit needs to be carried out on the natural resource assets of leading cadres who leave their posts. The intensified efforts also need to be made in strengthening the accountability in accordance with the disciplines. The typical problems should be reported and announced. In the special work (including illegal construction audit, poverty alleviation audit investigation, ecological environment damage investigation), the accountability mechanism should be taken good advantage of. There were 501 cases handled with a total of 735 people punished in violating the Party's eight-point frugality code. Meanwhile, 38 people and 19 units were held accountable for poverty alleviation.

Promote transparency of government affairs. The city will make comprehensive moves in publishing decisions, implementation, management, service and results. It also intensifies efforts on the construction of the government information carriers, like government portal website, radio, television station, newspaper and bulletin board. The municipal government data opening platform has been completed and opened, which saves the people from the visits to different departments with data released online.  

VI. Resolving social conflicts according to law

Promote the construction of administrative review normalization. The city aims to continue efforts on standardizing the proceedings and standards of hearing administrative review cases. It will formulate and put into action the Opinions on Further Deepening the Standardization Construction of Administrative Reconsideration. The standard of scope of cases will be specified and unified. The instructions on the 7 types of administrative reconsideration cases will be related and 5 work systems receive improvement. In addition, the city will devote greater efforts to make administrative reconsideration cases heard in public to ensure higher quality of cases handling. There were 1,438 cases of reconsideration cases accepted and 1,481 cases handled. Meanwhile, 3,000 people consulted for administrative reconsideration got replies.

The city will improve the work system of multiple resolutions of contradictions and disputes. In the work system, government plays a dominant part and party committee takes a leadership role along with the coordinated efforts of the judicial guide and social cooperation. The experience in the construction of mediation center in Pingyin County and Lixia District should be introduced to other parts of the city. The city will continue the promotion of the Internet plus people’s mediation model and explore the new mode of online remote mediation and television mediation through the use of big data. In order to advance the system construction of public legal service, the public legal service workstations have covered 85% street towns and over 50% villages (communities). The city will bring the disputes (including Sanlian Group’s 2 real estate development projects, Caishi Villa project and Jinxiu Garden project) to satisfactory settlements through multiple means(including the people's mediation, administrative mediation, judicial mediation, arbitration and reconsideration) in a coordinated manner.

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