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Design Plan of Tower Building “Lake” in Jinan CBD is Came Out

On May 3, it’s learned from the Jinan municipal bureau for urban planning that the Lake tower building design plan in Jinan CBD Fiver Fingers Mountain has been came out. At this point, four out of five tower buildings - Mountain, Spring, Lake, River, and City - have their design plans, only scheme of City has not yet been unveiled.

According to the plan, there are five super high-rise buildings, symbolizing Mountain, Spring, Lake, River and City, standing on the CBD core position. Mountain, with 420 meters high and about 87 storeys above the ground, is located east of Ribbon Park and south of Xinluo Street, and built by the Greenland Group; Spring, with 230 meters high and about 52 storeys, is located west of the Ribbon Park and north of landscape axis in the east-west direction, and built by China Resources Land Limit; River, with 360 meters and 74 storeys above the ground, is located east of the Ribbon Park and south of Ligeng Road, and built by Pingan Group; Lake, with 260 meters and about 54 storeys above the ground, is located west of the Ribbon Park and east of the 2nd Maolingshan Road, and built by Fosun International Limited.

Among the above 4 towers, Mountain’s design scheme was first identified; the schemes of Spring and River were designed 4 and 3 sets respectively, and finally chose the first set of them; Lake’s design is the latest. City is a 330 meters super high-rise tower building and built by CITIC Pacific, and its scheme is still in design.

According to the design plan, the floorage of Lake’s main building is about 124,000 square meters above the ground, its annex building is located southwest of the site, with about 100 meters high and about 33,000 square meters of floorage above the ground, and the main functions of main and annex building are used as high-end office, but the function of the podium building is commercial. The design philosophy of Lake is Water Drop Ripple, with the expression of Quiet and Pure connotation. Through gradient density and multi-level segmentation of façade curtain wall, with graceful curve, it shapes into the visual effect of the glistening light of waves and ripples on the lake; under the influence of different seasons’ sunshine angle and night light, the original blunt office tower looks like more vivid, fully embodies the image of landmark towers, and integrates with the Ribbon Park streamline, more dazzling in the overall planning framework of the region. With the Garden in the Air built on the top of the tower and different levels of roof greening, the super high-rise tower building will be formed in beautiful curves and natural expression of the lake region.

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