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“Release Fish to Nurture Water” Project in Jinan

To comprehensively implement the “River Chief System” and “Lake Chief System”, raise public awareness and enhance conservation in waters ecological environment, Jinan held the opening ceremony of “Release Fish to Nurture Water Project of 2018” at Wuyingshan wharf of Xiaoqing River. A total of over 900,000 high-quality fish, including bighead carp, grass carp and common carp, were released into Xiaoqing River of that day. Vice Mayor Wang Jingwen attended the event.

In recent years, Jinan has been focusing on developing ecological fishery and ornamental fishery, promoting industrial level and improving waters ecological environment. On the project topic of “Release Fish to Nurture Water”, Jinan carried out research on ecological management of urban water systems and started creating ecological brand of its own. By releasing more than 20 million fish, such as bighead carp, grass carp and common carp, into Xiaoqing River Wetland, Meili Lake and other waters, water quality, eutrophication, ecocycle and degree of algae and grass in these water areas had all optimized. A new pattern of provincial water ecological civilization construction has basically formed, that is, "Afforestation and Release Fish to Nurture Water ".

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