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Taking Spring as a Medium, Jinan's International Friends Circle is Getting Bigger and Bigger

On September 5th, the Third International Spring Culture City Alliance Conference was held in Jinan, invited spring-water-friendly cities from 19 countries, including the United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Ethiopia, Germany, by using the spring as a medium to get together and discuss the protection of spring water, to promote the spring water culture. From this point of view, Jinan's international circle of friends is getting bigger and bigger, and the links are becoming more and more extensive.

Taking a broad view of spring water, we will find that there are many springs in the world. Bath possesses the only hot spring city in the UK, and Jinan is a famous spring city in China. Nature has greatly favored these two cities with spring water. However, Jinan's spring water is different from Bath's spring water. One is cold spring, with the charm of Oriental reservation and meaning, the other is a hot spring, full of a romantic and beautiful style of Western Europe.

The city of Bath has developed the spring water and spring water culture to the fullest extent. It is one of the three monuments in the world assessed by UNESCO. It is also the only city in the world listed in the World Cultural Heritage List. It is a world-famous spa resort. Bath Spa originates from a depth of 3,000 meters, the water temperature is maintained at 46 ° C throughout the year, and the spring water is rich in 43 minerals.

Now, there are Romanesque spa baths in almost every hotel in Bath. On June 27, 2017, a live video connection with the theme "Jinan – Bass Famous Springs City Dialogue" was successfully launched. The "handshake" that spans 9000 kilometers makes Jinan and Bath more closely linked to the cities known for their springs.

The precious water resources must be taken care of, and the precious water culture must be passed on. To this end, Quancheng Jinan has taken the lead and launched the International Spring Water City Alliance in 2016. At the first annual meeting, more than 200 guests from 18 countries and more than 30 cities gathered together to talk about spring water culture and discuss the development of the International Spring Water City Alliance. Jinan Spring Water has a better window and platform for the world.

"Practicing beautiful homes with practical actions and retaining green mountains and green hills!" In the International Spring Water City Union Salon on September 6, 2017, Jinan City and Ethiopian Albagen City, Bath City, South Africa, and Akuru, South Africa Lenny City, Suwon City, South Korea, Sacramento City, USA, and six spring cities in the Czech Republic have jointly signed a proposal for the construction of a water ecological civilization city. It is mentioned in the proposal that water is the source of life and an important natural resource and the environmental element that is indispensable and irreplaceable for human survival and economic and social development. It is mentioned in the proposal that water is the source of life and an important natural resource and the environmental element that is indispensable and irreplaceable for human survival and economic and social development. Accordingly, Jinan and six cities will implement the most stringent water resources management system in the future to enhance the carrying capacity of water resources, water ecology, and water environment. City initiatives: "Treasure water resources, protect the water environment. Start with me, save every drop of water, establish a good awareness of water conservation, develop good water conservation habits, start from now, protect the water environment, maintain water ecology Take care of beautiful homes with practical actions and retain green mountains and green hills."

With the gradual expansion of Quanshui International's circle of friends, Jinan Yiquan has continuously expanded its popularity and influence in the world. The "small partners," also known as springs, have their own characteristics. For example, the city of Albamić is a town in southwestern Ethiopia, located in the south of the capital, Addis Ababa. There are many local springs, most of which originate from the western basin of the Great Rift Valley in East Africa. They are rich in various fruits and are also famous for their local fish farms. Located in Gauteng in the northeastern part of South Africa, Akuruneni is the third largest metropolitan area in the Republic of South Africa. It covers an area of 2,000 square kilometers and has a high topography with an altitude of over 1,600 meters. It is rich in wetlands, streams, and rivers. It is dry and pleasant. Suwon City, South Korea has an average annual rainfall of 1,261 mm. It is rich in water resources and has more than 20 cultural sites. Suwon Hwaseong Fortune is also listed as a World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. Located in the western part of the Czech Republic, the city of Maria is the second largest spa in the Czech Republic after Karlovy Vary. It is one of the most beautiful hot springs in Europe. The annual precipitation is about 750 mm, and there are 40 kinds of carbon dioxide mineral water in the area.

With the deepening of cooperation and exchanges, Jinan and other spring water cities in the world are increasingly connected. The "International Friends Circle" of Quanshui will become bigger and bigger, and the influence will become wider and wider...

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