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Jinan to hold 50 tourist activities over May Day holiday

More than 50 cultural and tourism-focused activities will take place in Jinan to welcome the upcoming four-day May Day holiday.

These activities vary from rural leisure and nature sightseeing to folk culture experiences and historical and scientific education.

The May Day holiday has been extended to four days – one day more than last year – lasting from May 1 to 4. During that time, the country is expected to experience a major travel rush.

The Baotu Spring Scenic Spot will display and sell folk handicrafts during the holiday, including paper-cutting and dough figurines.

Folk culture activities will also be available to tourists every weekend. Activities will include experiencing the tea art, making Rabbit King (a traditional toy in Jinan), and wrapping up Zongzi, a pyramid-shaped dumpling made of glutinous rice wrapped in reed leaves.

Daming Lake will serve as the stage for a unique multimedia water show combining vibrant patterns of splashing water with musical lasers, 3D images, and fireworks.

The light show is set to run from 20:00 to 20:30 every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. It will offer discounted tickets for 80 yuan ($11.9), 60 yuan or 40 yuan.

Red Leaves Canyon and Baimai Spring Park are preparing tulip blossom sightseeing excursions and folk activities, respectively.

Baimai Spring Park is to host activities such related to paper-cutting, dough modeling and tea art during May Day holiday. [Photo/WeChat Account: jnslyj]

A spectacular water show is staged at Daming Lake Park. [Photo/WeChat Account: jnslyj]

Blooming tulip flowers can be seen at Red Leaves Canyon, located in the south of Licheng district, Jinan. [Photo/WeChat Account: jnslyj]

Jiuding Tower Folk Customs Park, located in Liubu town, Licheng district, offers themed activities featuring an array of folk customs during May Day holiday. [Photo/WeChat Account: jnslyj]

Jinxiang Mountain Scenic Spot, located in Zhonggong town, is to hold a camping event featuring outdoor activities such as wargames and barbecue. [Photo/WeChat Account: jnslyj]



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