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Elena Protchenko:sample Jinan's traditional culture

[Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

Elena Protchenko, a journalist of CATV in Ukraine said when interviewed by Zhuang Qi, a report from China Daily:

This is my second time visiting Jinan, since I paid a visit to the city four years ago. I'm looking forward to discovering a new Jinan this time.

I started to learn Chinese language and traditional Chinese culture due to an early visit of my granddad to China when I was very young age. My granddad said that China will become stronger and stronger, and learning Chinese will be of benefit to me. He told me that, "Chinese is hard to learn but it's definitely worth to learn."

I have witnessed the fast changes in China over the past eight years and am surprised by the country's fast growing and fast development.

China takes care about its own culture, such as traditional Chinese medicine and tea, with a long history. Scan the QR-code by paying bills or anything others, which is very convenient for foreigners in Jinan, or China.

It doesn't matter where you come from; I'm reckoning on the peace. I want to be friend with you, even we have different culture, we come from different societies, and we have different dialogues, but I believe we can build for the future together.

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