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Muhammad Imran: Foreigners should include Jinan in travel list

[Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

Muhammad Imran, a reporter from Dawn News in Pakistan said like this when interviewed by Yang Yang from chinadaily website:

About Jinan, I searched on website before coming here. So I feel more pleasure to be here and like we visited many places in the morning, like spring. So these breathtaking views and I think that these views are most attractive part to foreign tourists as well as local tourists. So it is good to see these beautiful views and spend this beautiful time here.

We are so experiencing the shadow play. And meanwhile I was recalling the memories my mom told me if back to Pakistan that when they were children, they were chosen to see this type of play. But nowadays in Pakistan we don't have the facility to enjoy this kind of play. So it is a good experience for me and I took some videos and photos. So I will share with my mom and my misses to show them that China is preserving this kind of art and if you have got some chance to visit china, especially Jinan, so you can experience this art and get good memories.

Actually, when I confirmed this trip that I will go to Jinan, it was in my mind that I will learn something new from Jinan because I visited many other cities in China. So every city has its own culture. They have their own food and the people's behavior is also different…every province and every city have different things…we hope that we can communicate more with the local people. So it's quite good to be with that.

(As for springs culture) I saw here that local people are enjoying these things and the river outside the ancient city walls. They were taking water from the springs. The weather is very pleasant and the view is very breathtaking. And I also want to say to the foreign tourists and local tourists that if they have some plans to spend their holidays, so they must include Jinan in their wish or travel list.

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