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Intangible cultural heritage activities to be held for Chinese New Year

Dragon dance performances will be staged as part of Jinan's New Year celebrations. [Photo/WeChat Accoount: jnslyj]

More than 100 Chinese Lunar New Year celebration activities featuring intangible cultural heritages will be held in Jinan from Jan 17 to Feb 24.

The Jinan Cultural Center has prepared paper-cutting art exhibitions, traditional opera performances, and intangible cultural heritage achievement exhibitions. Jinan Lyu Opera, Shandong embroidery, clay rabbit figurines and dough modeling creatures will be on show.

Traditional Quyi performances for the Springs Festival including ballad singing, storytelling, comic dialogue, and Chinese crosstalk will be held at Baihuazhou Historical and Cultural Block.

The Huaiyin district government will launch a variety of folk art performances, including yangko (a popular rural folk dance), walking on stilts, waist drum and lion dance. The intangible cultural heritages of sugar painting and tai chi performances will be offered in Lixia district.

Changqing district will stage intangible cultural heritage opera performances at Bian Que Theme Park. Bian Que in the Spring and Autumn Period (770-476 BC) was the founder of traditional Chinese medicine.

The activities s will help locals better understand Chinese traditional intangible cultural heritages and offer a traditional way to enjoy Chinese Lunar New Year.

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