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German entrepreneur lifts lid on Jinan life

Stefan Meining at his office in Jinan's CBD [Photo/iqilu.com]

Stefan Meining, a German entrepreneur, came to Jinan in 2011 and has slowly fallen in love with the city as he witnesses the fast changes in Jinan.

On his first visit to Shandong in 2001, Meining was left with a deep impression.

"We drove to the factory on the east side, and we could see villagers' bulls on the road," he said. "The road was narrow and there were no good coffee shops."

But now the roads are beautiful and the paths are neat. Over the course of less than 10 years, high-rise buildings have sprung up, including supermarkets, shopping malls, and even coffee shops, Meining added.

"Everything I want can be found in Jinan."

Born in Germany in January 1987, Meining worked as a senior consultant for well-known multinational companies after finishing his studies. Now he runs a company in Jinan. Traveling is a regular part of his life.

Meining's company is on the 14th floor of an office building in Jinan's Central Business District. "I like to look out the window, which overlooks the CBD and its bustling streets."

"I usually start work at 8:00 in the morning and finish at 6:00 in the evening. So busy," Meining said. Like most Germans, he has a strong work ethic. "I have taught more than 300 teachers. I have trained them how to educate their students.”

Meining's company offers duel education training in the fields of mechatronics, intelligent manufacturing, and industry 4.0. Meining has worked in 11 countries and believes that China is making strong progress in these areas.

In the future, Meining is confident his company will be able to create its own products and brands.

In his spare time, Meining enjoys riding his electric scooter around the city.

"Whether it's hot or windy or rainy, I like to ride my bike. The countryside I used to live in has now become an urban area. I'm so proud of this city."



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