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Construction on 6 industrial parks begins in Jinan Pioneer Zone

Construction on six industrial parks began at Jinan Pioneer Zone on March 8.

The six parks, with a total investment of 167 billion ($24.05 billion), are expected to help shift the city's growth drivers from old to new ones.

The parks will adhere to the concept of green construction. All plant buildings and supporting facilities will be planned in accordance with green standards such as zero emissions and low energy consumption. Green technologies will also be used.

The international industrial park for green construction has a planned area of 9,500 mu (633.33 hectares) and will have 25-billion-yuan-worth of supporting facilities and infrastructure. It is hoped that the park will become China's largest incubator and cluster platform for green construction industries.

The economic innovation park, supported by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, will introduce high-end resources and develop cutting-edge industries. The park has a planned area of 1,100 mu and will have 2.1 billion-yuan-worth of supporting facilities and infrastructure.

An industrial park focusing on digital economy and intelligent logistics will cover an area of 7,500 mu and have 10.4-billion-yuan-worth of supporting facilities and infrastructure.

The Greenland International Convention and Exhibition Industrial Park, with a planned area of 5,500 mu, aims to build an international high-end exhibition brand. The project will include 13-billion-yuan worth of supporting facilities and infrastructure.

The headquarters economy area will gather headquarters of centrally-administered State-owned enterprises (SOEs) and multinational companies to boost the city's headquarters economy. It covers an area of 2,200 mu and will include seven-billion-yuan-worth of supporting facilities and infrastructure.

The international community area, with a planned area of 8,500 mu, will serve as an important platform to promote Jinan pioneer Zone. The area will include landmarks, ecology landscape parks and commercial streets for residents. A total of 30 billion yuan will be invested into supporting facilities and infrastructure construction.

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