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Smart equipment increases output in Laiwu manufacturing park

A worker operates an intelligent laser cutting machine at a workshop in the Laiwu High-end Equipment Manufacturing Park. [Photo/dzrb.com]

"The laser cutting machine will work automatically after simply pressing a button."

Qi Zhonglei, a senior welding technician at Shandong Energy Heavy Equipment Manufacturing Group, explained how the intelligent laser cutting machine works at the Laiwu High-end Equipment Manufacturing Park on April 7.

The park has formulated a long-term development plan incorporating designs, technology, processing, equipment, and logistics management, aiming to develop into a high-end intelligent manufacturing center of Shandong province. It focuses mainly on equipment automation.

The intelligent laser cutting machine, which has received 1.5 million yuan ($212,341.27) in investment, is part of this plan.

The machine is vastly superior to a regular laser cutting machine, with more efficient utilization of resources, a reduced need for drilling, and a high-quality cutting surface.

The device has helped improve production efficiency. It can process 90 finished products in just 10 minutes with only one worker operating it. Previously, two workers needed to work for two hours to produce an equal amount.

The machines began operating on March 17, with all resulting products considered to be of sufficient quality.

Additionally, the park has introduced a large amount of high-end intelligent equipment and many production lines, including automatic production lines for jack cylinders, production lines for disc and sleeve parts, and intelligent welding robots.

Statistics show that Laiwu High-end Equipment Manufacturing Park has invested a total of 400 million yuan in equipment, including an investment of 319 million yuan in 666 sets of oil cylinder manufacturing equipment and coal mine washing and selecting production equipment.

Officials said that the high-end equipment in the park has helped reduce the number of workers needed and improved efficiency, resulting in a faster rate of development.

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