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​Chaoran Pavilion, highlight of Daming Lake Park

Chaoran Pavilion is a highlight of Daming Lake scenic area in Jinan, Shandong province. [Photo by He Yanhai/WeChat account: zxsjwxpt]

Jinan's famous Chaoran Pavilion, located in Daming Lake scenic area, has a history dating back to the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368). The pavilion underwent restoration in 2019, to better highlight the city's spring culture, urban garden culture and ancient folk culture.

Chaoran Pavilion lights up at night, presenting a charming view near Daming Lake. [Photo by He Yanhai/WeChat account: zxsjwxpt]

The newly-restored pavilion, with a building area of 5,673 square meters and a height of 51.7 meters, combines a wooden structure with reinforced concrete. It is known as the "first pavilion north of the Yangtze River".

The design of the pavilion, which has a total of seven floors, is based on a traditional northern Chinese style known for being energetic and straight. It also adopts some of the elegant and chic techniques seen in southern China.

The design of the scenic area as a whole respects and protects the original ecological style of Daming Lake, presenting picturesque and harmonious landscapes.

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