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​Jinan attractions offer free admission to grads

As the summer holiday approaches, some scenic areas in Jinan are offering free admission to students who took the 2020 zhongkao (senior high school entrance exam) and gaokao (college entrance exam).

1. Shuilianxia Scenic Area (水帘峡风景区)

Visitors enjoy rafting at Shuilianxia Scenic Area. [Photo/WeChat account: jnslyj]

The Shuilianxia Scenic Area is offering thrill-seekers a series of rafting activities this summer.

This is the perfect spot for a fun-filled summer escape, giving people the chance to breathe in some fresh air while appreciating the natural scenery along the river.

There are plenty of thrills to be had along the 2,018-meter-long glass rafting slide.

The scenic area will offer free admission to students with students IDs and exam admission tickets. Primary students must be over 1.2 meters tall to enter.

Address: Bojizhang village, Liubu town, south mountainous area , Jinan (济南市南部山区柳埠镇簸箕掌村)

Tel: +86-170-1671-3456

2. Laiwu Huanglongguan Scenic Area(莱芜皇龙冠景区)

[Photo/WeChat account: jnslyj]

The Laiwu Huanglongguan Scenic Area features a series of exciting water activities, including rafting, to help people cool off during a scorching summer. The spot offers free admission to students who have taken the 2020 zhongkao  and gaokao  from now until Aug 31.

Address: Gaozhuang subdistrict, Laiwu district, Jinan(莱芜区高庄街道办)

Tel: 0531-77932327

3. Fujia Orchard (富甲庄园)

[Photo/WeChat account: jnslyj]

Summer is the best time for fruit picking, and the Fujia Orchard is a great place to pick a wide array of fruit, including blueberries, dragon fruit, and cherry tomatoes.

Free admission and a 50-percent discount for fruit picking will be offered this summer.

Address: Fujiazhuang village, Xueye town, Laiwu district, Jinan (济南市莱芜区雪野镇富家庄村)

Tel: +86-134-5549-0785

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