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​Jinan shoemaker achieves world record

Peng Shizeng, a native of Jinan, Shandong province has won the Guinness World Record for his hand-made shoes that are just eight millimeters long, the smallest in the world.

Peng has been making miniature shoes for seven years and has made more than 200 such shoes since 2013.

His workshop is located at the Xijie Workshop Cultural Creative Park in Huanyin district, and his shelves are filled with a variety of shoes in both traditional and modern styles.

All of the shoes are completely handmade by Peng. Most of his shoes are not made in pairs, and each is unique and has a story behind it.

The smallest shoe he has ever made is just eight millimeters long and took him nearly three years to make.

"It is around 1/7th the size of the real shoe. I hope my miniature shoes give people a special appreciation for shoes," Peng said.

The eight-millimeter shoe made by Peng Shizeng is recognized as the smallest in the world. [Photo/jinannews.com]

Peng Shizeng, a shoemaker in Jinan, showcases his miniature shoes. [Photo/jinannews.com]

An array of miniature shoes made by Peng Shizeng [Photo/jinannews.com]

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