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Top 10 key investment industries

To cultivate and strengthen the competitive dominant industries of Jinan, which are centered tightly on the policy of "Build Four Centers and a modern City of Springs", the city government carries out solid industrial investment activities, identifies the key area of industry investment, and strengthens investment promotion measures. In the future, Jinan will introduce a group of influential industrial projects to support its economic development, providing a powerful driving force for the sustainable development of the city's open economy.

Big data and new generation of information technology

This industry is aimed at developing robots, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technology, artificial intelligence, 3D technology, the internet of things, Internet +, big data, block chains, cloud services, space science and technology, satellite application, integrated circuits, large capacity storage, spatial geographic information application, basic software, industrial software, cross-border e-commerce, and digital home industry.

Quantum technology

The industry seeks to develop quantum communication equipment, quantum precision instruments, quantum precision measurement controls, quantum communication engineering, and similar quantum applications in cooperation with quantum communication, testing, research & development and manufacturing companies.

Intelligent manufacturing and high-end equipment

Intelligent manufacturing targets general machinery, engineering machinery manufacturing, machinery casting, welding, super difficult areas such as complex parts processing, with the ability of intelligent and flexible integration to produce high-end CNC machine tools, robots, smart grids, nuclear equipment and automobiles, as well as rail transportation equipment and space technologies.

Biological medicine

This industry targets bio-pharmaceuticals, modern traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), high-performance medical equipment, healthcare, chemical medicine, biological vaccines, diagnostic reagents, agricultural biological products, pharmaceutical research and development outsourcing, biomedical engineering, stem cells, tissue engineering, and similar applications.

Advanced materials

Advanced materials include crystals, organic polymers, special functional fibers, high performance metals, optoelectronics, gels, and environmental protection and energy saving materials used in construction.

Technology services

The industry involves enterprises in industrial design service, commercialization of research findings, e-commerce services and biotechnology service.

Culture-oriented travel

The focus here is on film and television, creative design, digital publishing and animated games. It involves a number of large-scale leading cultural enterprises with high-end, high-tech and high value-added advantages.

Medical rehabilitation

This focus key points are medical service, health rehabilitation, health management, leisure fitness, nutrition, health care, and medical consulting services. The industry targets well-known enterprises worldwide to conduct investment promotion.

Modern logistics

The industry goal here is to attract the world's top 100 and China's top 50 logistics enterprises.

Industrial finance

Aiming at well-known financial institutions and financial intermediaries worldwide, introducing foreign capital financial institutions, headquarters or regional headquarters of financial institutions to cultivate financial leasing, consumer financing, private equity, asset management, trust investment, monetary agency and commercial factoring, financing guarantee, pawn services, small loan companies, informal financing and other new financial institutions, always with an emphasis on introduction and cultivation of financial intermediaries.

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