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'Spring Water' Banquet

The "Spring Water" Banquet features Shandong cuisine dishes themed on spring water culture. The city's famous mountains, springs and scenic spots are displayed in the form of carvings. Most dishes are made using spring water and retain the natural quality of raw materials.

Here are some of the most famous dishes.

A dish of "Spring Water" Banquet [Photo/WeChat account: qc86921911]

1. Stewed cattail in milk soup  (奶汤蒲菜/nǎi tāng pú cài)

Stewed cattail in milk soup with a fresh and light taste is a renowned Jinan delicacy, and is known as the best Jinan soup.

Cattail is the main ingredient, along with moss vegetables, mushrooms, ham slices, and cooked milk soup.

The dish became popular as early as the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing dynasties (1644-1911) and has been reported as a famous Shandong dish on the A Bite of China II, a popular documentary featuring Chinese cuisine.

The dish has the effect of cooling and detoxifying. With the use of sea cucumber, the dish is quite nutritious and good for the stomach.

2. Fried carp with sweet and sour sauce (糖醋鲤鱼/ tang cù lǐ yú)

Fried carp with sweet and sour sauce is a typical, traditional dish in Jinan, and it can be traced back more than 3,000 years.

It is tender and delicious with a crispy crust and is slightly sweet and sour. Eating carp often is good for lowering cholesterol and blood viscosity as well as strengthening immunity.

Recommended shops: Laopaifang, Huixianlou, Chengnanwangshi

3. Braised intestines in brown sauce (九转大肠/ jiǔ zhuǎn dà cháng )

The braised intestines in brown sauce is one of the most famous Shandong dishes. It is cooked in a very delicate way: first blanched, then deep-fried, and stewed with 10 more condiments. It tastes tender and fat but not greasy.

The dish was created by a restaurant in Jinan during the reign of Emperor Guangxu (1871-1908) in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). In September 2018, it was rated among the top 10 traditional dishes in Shandong province by the China Cuisine Association.

Recommended shops: Yanfu Restaurant, Yaoshun Restaurant, and Cuiyiqing Shandong Cuisine Restaurant

4. Fried pork trip and chicken gizzards (油爆双脆/ yóu bào shuāng cuì)

This dish is stir-fried with pork trips and chicken gizzards in boiled oil, and is also rich in nutrition.

Recommended shops: Cuiyiqing Shandong Cuisine Restaurant and Liuheju Restaurant

5. Braised sea cucumber with scallion (葱烧海参/ cōng shāo hǎi shēn)

Braised sea cucumber with scallion is a typical Shandong dish. It uses sea cucumber and scallions as the main ingredients.

Recommended shops: Yilan Restaurant, Yanxitang Restaurant and Yaowujiujia Restaurant

6. Chicken wrapped with lotus leaves (荷叶鸡/hé yè jī)

Chicken wrapped with lotus leaves is a local delicacy in Jinan. The delicate fragrance of lotus leaves penetrates into the chicken, and the tender chicken is very tasty. It boasts an authentic Jinan flavor.

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