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​Stimulate shopping desires along Yaotou Road

The 1.2-kilometer-long Yaotou Road in Jinan's Lixia district earned its name as the transformation of Yaojia Area in the 1990s, and has been developing ever since.

The street features more than 300 shops such as high-end catering restaurants and cultural creation stores as well as floricultural workshops and popular boutiques, making it a one-stop shopping destination for locals to enjoy everything they could possibly need. Here are some recommended stores.

1. Jufulin seafood restaurant

Jufulin, a well-known and time-honored seafood restaurant settled on Yaotou Road around 2011. It is currently the largest seafood restaurant along the road. It has four floors with a dining hall and private rooms. It can undertake small and medium-sized banquets.

Jufulin's main dish is seafood. The signature dishes are pineapple shrimp balls, seaweed pies, spicy scallops with garlic, seafood and duck blood in chili sauce, and seafood dough drop soup.

The pineapple shrimp balls dish [Photo/WeChat account: jnslyj]

2. Minzhong beef restaurant

The Minzhong beef restaurant is in the corner of a residential building in a winding alley.

The restaurant is not large, but tidy and clean. Here one can taste the best part of a cow such as brisket, ribs, and oxtails.

The rice noodle with beef brisket is a must-try dish at the restaurant. The brisket is salty and tender, and served with prawns and green vegetables. The rich white soup is a great way to warm up during winter.

A bowl of rice noodles with beef brisket at Minzhong beef restaurant [Photo/WeChat account: jnslyj]

3. Xu's santang soup restaurant

Santang soup (or satang soup) is a traditional delicacy in Linyi, Shandong province. It is boiled in multiple processes with beef, wheat kernels, flour, scallions, ginger, salt, pepper, five-spice powder, sesame oil, sauce and vinegar.

Xu's santang soup restaurant is owned by a Linyi local, so there's no doubt that the soup here is much more authentic. One will feel warm from top to bottom after slurping down this mouth-watering treat.

Satang soup at Xu's santang soup restaurant [Photo/WeChat account: jnslyj]

4. Colorful Garden floricultural workshop

The Colorful Garden floricultural workshop has a large variety of flowers. In addition to lilies and daisies, there are many kinds of fresh flowers, and many you may need to consult with the staff to find out their names.

On top of that, the shop also carries small potted plants in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colors as well as delicate vases and cute ornaments, and both children and adults can learn how to make simple floricultural artwork with the staff members here.

Colorful Garden floricultural workshop [Photo/WeChat account: jnslyj]

The interior of the Colorful Garden floricultural workshop [Photo/WeChat account: jnslyj]

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