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CBD music fountain offers animated entertainment

The music fountain at Heye Lake,  which is also called Lotus Leaf Lake, recently launched its multimedia projection show in Jinan's Central Business District (CBD).

The fountain can spew out a water curtain six meters high and 20 meters wide. The projection machines cast ever-changing animated images on the water curtain, which provides spectacular images.

The images are mainly themed around Baotu Spring and Daming Lake landscapes, high-rise buildings in the CBD, and the China-Europe freight train.

Click to view and enjoy the multimedia projection show in Jinan's CBD. [Video/WeChat account: CBDWEEKLY]

An image featuring lotus flowers is seen at the music fountain in Jinan's CBD. Lotus flowers are recognized as the city flower of Jinan. [Video/WeChat account: CBDWEEKLY]

A themed China aerospace engineering project image is on display.  [Photo/WeChat account: CBDWEEKLY]

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