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Jinan sets goals for future development

Jinan set its development goals at a news conference hosted by the Jinan municipal government on Feb 19.

The city's major economic indicators will continue to lead the province, and its GDP is expected to grow at an average annual rate of seven percent through 2025.

In addition, the city  will strives to make strong progress in the following seven areas: sci-tech innovation, industrial upgrading, comprehensive carrying capacity, resource agglomeration capacity, regional collaborative development, opening up, and living environment.

To improve scientific innovation, Jinan will implement a two-year action plan to build regional infrastructure in the Qilu Science and Technology Innovation Corridor and accelerate the application of scientific and technological achievements.

In addition, the city will promote modern industrial development, foster advanced manufacturing clusters, and enhance the competitiveness of the modern service industries.

It will also optimize urban development, improve transportation infrastructure, and promote the shift from old growth drivers to new ones. It will speed up digital city development by building a national digital economic innovation pilot zone, 5G base stations, and digital infrastructure.

The local government will apply to have the city's spring water landscape designated a UNESCO world cultural heritage site and strive to become a Culture City of East Asia.

In addition, Jinan will play a key role in promoting the collaborative development of the Shandong provincial capital economic circle, which includes the cities of Jinan, Zibo, Tai'an, Liaocheng, Dezhou, Binzhou, and Dongying. It will also strengthen cooperation with cities along the Yellow River in Shandong.

Furthermore, the city will build a high-level platform for opening up to the outside world and accelerate the development of the Jinan Greenland Global Commodity Trading Hub and permanent exhibition venues for the East Asia Exposition.

Lastly, it will focus more on improving living standards and the living environment.

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