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Yang's Chatang(杨氏茶汤/yáng shì chá tāng)

Having a taste of Chatang is the last things travelers want to miss out on their trip to Jinan.

Chatang, infused in special spring water, owe this name to the making process - cooked in boiling water, just like tea.

This special soup is cooked with grains and dried fruits using an ancient method. The process involves drying dough made from broomcorn millet, husked sorghum and millet, wheat powder and soybean, grinding and stir-frying the lump of dough and infusing the product in water. Eight ingredients – white sugar, brown sugar, peanut, white and black sesame, sunflower seed, dried grape and other kinds of nuts – are later added. These ingredients impart to the dish sweetness and fragrance that is complemented with a smooth and subtle texture.

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