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​Jinan museums bring cultural relics to life

Jinan, capital of East China's Shandong province has been accelerating the construction of various museums in recently years.

Jinan presently has three national first-class museums (Jinan Museum, Zhangqiu District Museum, and Shandong University Museum), two national second-class museums (Licheng District Museum and Jiyang District Museum) and five national third-class museums including Shandong Liu's Ancient Clock Museum and Shandong Zishengtang New Year's Painting Engraving Museum.

A series of exhibition activities focused on the theme of this year's International Museum Day – The Future of Museum: Recover and Reimagine – were launched in the city's museums on May 18.

A hanfu show is staged at Jinan Museum on May 18 to make the International Museum Day. [Photo/jinannews.com]

Jinan Museum staged a hanfu show on the night of May 18. The exhibition focusing on cultural relics from the Han Dynasty (206 BC-AD 220) provided a platform for visitors to learn more about traditional Chinese culture in the Han Dynasty.

Over at Zhangqiu District Museum, artifacts from the Neolithic Age as well as Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties are on display. The artifacts include pottery, porcelain, bronze ware, jade and stone ware, gold ware, calligraphy and painting artworks.

Zhangqiu District Museum. It is the only district-level museum among the four national first-level museums in Jinan. [Photo/jinannews.com]

An exhibition featuring New Year paintings themed on women, and an activity about making ancient building models were held at the Licheng District Museum.

Officials said that the city's museums have in recent years launched nearly 300 exhibitions every year.

During the epidemic prevention and control period, the museums have launched more than 50 online exhibitions, displaying nearly 200 pieces or sets of cultural relics and generating more than 1.6 million views.

Bookmarks, cultural creative products developed by Jinan Museum [Photo/jinannews.com]

Furthermore, the city has been paying attention to the protection of cultural relics. Special funds were set up for the protection of movable cultural relics and the development of cultural creative products based on the collections has been encouraged by the city's museums.

Many cultural and creative products including tea sets, stationery, pendants, calligraphy, folding fans, and ornaments have also been developed to stimulate interest in cultural protection and inheritance.

Shandong University Museum, a national first-level museum in Jinan [Photo/jinannews.com]

A night view of Jiyang District Museum, a national first-level museum in Jinan [Photo/jinannews.com]

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