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​Foreigners learn about Shandong cuisine culture in Jinan

A group of expats from Thailand, Nigeria, Uganda, and Yemen recently learned about Shandong cuisine culture at a local restaurant in Jinan, Shandong province by learning its cooking techniques and tasting representative dishes.

Shandong cuisine originated from the Spring and Autumn Period (770-476 BC) and is considered one of the four main traditional Chinese cuisines. The others are Sichuan cuisine, Guangdong cuisine, and Huaiyang cuisine.

Sweet and sour carp is a popular dish in Shandong cuisine. A chef from Mizhiyuan Restaurant showed foreigners the cooking techniques of making it. [Photo/sdchina.com]

A chef shows his cutting technique. [Photo/sdchina.com]

Foreigners give applause for the exquisite culinary skills. [Photo/sdchina.com]

A foreigner tries cutting potatoes. [Photo/sdchina.com]

A foreigner tastes shredded potatoes. [Photo/sdchina.com]



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