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Sesame seed cakes in Jinan

Chinese pastries have a long history and cover a wide variety of flavors. Here are some of most popular sesame seed cakes in Jinan.

1. Youxuan

[Photo/provided to english.jinan.gov.cn]

Youxuan is a traditional delicacy in Jinan. The skin is crispy, and its inside is tender, with a green onion flavor. As its shape is like a spiral and its surface is golden, it is named youxuan.

Recommended shops: Ouyang Yuxuan, Zhang's Youxuan

2. Peanut oil spinning cake

[Photo/provided to english.jinan.gov.cn]

Spinning cake is a traditional Han snack in Jinan. Its outside is tender, tasting sweet and refreshing. It is fried in peanut oil.

Recommended shops: Quancheng Hotel, Yanxitang restaurant

3. Diaolu sesame seed cake

[Photo/provided to english.jinan.gov.cn]

Diaolu sesame seed cake is made with exquisite materials. Its outside is crisp, while its inside is tender and delicious.

Recommended shop: Xiao's Diaolu Sesame Seed Cake

4. Jinan pancake

[Photo/provided to english.jinan.gov.cn]

Jinan pancake is as thin as paper. It tastes crispy and sweet. It is a traditional delicacy in Jinan.

Recommended shop: Yefengshu

5. Laiwu sesame seed cake

[Photo/provided to english.jinan.gov.cn]

Laiwu sesame seed cake is shaped like an ellipse. The top layer is sprinkled with sesame seeds, and is thin and crispy. It is either hollow or has stuffing inside. The lower layer is soft and crispy.

Recommended shop: Fanxu Sesame Seed Cake

6. Fried flour cake

[Photo/provided to english.jinan.gov.cn]

Fried flour cake is golden in color. It tastes crispy and delicious. It can be kept for a long time. The production process of making the cake is strict and the flour has to be fermented. In the autumn and winter, the water for the dough should be mild.

7. Zong's thick pancake

[Photo/provided to english.jinan.gov.cn]

Zong's thick pancake is round and has one centimeter of thickness. It is sweet and delicious. It has as a history of 60 years. It is made with a pressure bar and other traditional crafting techniques.

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