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​Lotus flowers in full bloom at Daming Lake

Lotus flowers at Daming Lake in Jinan have entered their annual flowering period in early July. The blooming flowers and lush lotus leaves create picturesque views in the city.

The 35th Lotus Flower Art Festival is also underway, offering visitors the chance to enjoy lotus horticulture art. The lotus flower, a constant theme in ancient Chinese poetry, symbolizes beauty and purity. It is the city flower of Jinan.

Visitors walk on a bridge to admire the blooming lotus flowers at Daming Lake on July 1. [Photo/IC]

An aerial view of lush lotus flowers at Daming Lake. The lake has nearly 20 lotus fields for visitors to enjoy. [Photo/IC]

The lotus flowering season lasts from early June to early September, with the peak bloom period being from mid-July to mid-August. [Photo/IC]

More than 10 varieties of lotus flowers are available for tourists to admire at Daming Lake. [Photo/IC]

A close-up of blooming lotus flowers at Daming Lake [Photo/IC]

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