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Mountain parks worth visit in Jinan

Jinan has built some mountain parks in its urban and suburban mountain areas, providing local residents with areas for leisure, fitness and recreation. The parks are also a part of efforts made by the local government to improve the city's environment. Here are some of the parks.

1. Bianshi Mountain Park

Bianshi Mountain Park used to be a wasted mountain full of mush. After restoration, it is now a leisure place with all kinds of trees and shrubs and picturesque views.

Location: southernmost part of Longding Avenue in Lixia district, Jinan

The path features beautiful scenery on both sides. [Photo/jnrb.e23.cn]

2. Yanchi Mountain Park

It is a good place for leisure, entertainment, and fitness. People can stroll through the mountains and overlook the scenery.

Location: South of Jiefang East Road, Lixia district, Jinan

An aerial view of Yanchi Mountain Park [Photo/jnrb.e23.cn]

3. Xiaodong Mountain Park

Location: North of Yangguang East Road, Shizhong district

An aerial view of Xiaodong Mountain Park [Photo/jnrb.e23.cn]

4. Huilong Mountain Park

Wooden houses, yurts, stone pagodas, and oddly-shaped stones stand on hilltops, creating a unique scene.

Location: Opposite the Lixia District Procuratorate, Lyuyou Road, Lixia district

An aerial view of Huilong Mountain Park [Photo/jnrb.e23.cn]

5. Lyushan Mountain Park

Location: South of Huashan Mountain in Licheng district

A view of Lyushan Mountain Park with lush shrubs and evergreen arbors. [Photo/jnrb.e23.cn]

6. Jiangshan Mountain Park

Jiangshan Mountain Park is known as the "green lung" in eastern Jinan. In addition to hiking, sports, and scenery, the park also has a series of leisure facilities such as a forest library, a plant maze, and a football field.

Location: East of Fengming Road, Xueshan area, Licheng district, Jinan.

A plant maze at Jiangshan Mountain Park [Photo/jnrb.e23.cn]

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