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Take a tour along city moat in Jinan

A boat trip along Jinan's city moat is an excellent choice for visitors hoping to view most of Jinan distinctive scenic spots such as Baotu Spring Park and Daming Lake.

Taking a boat from Black Tiger Spring, one can visit Baotu Spring Park, Five Dragon Pool and Daming Lake. Maonao Spring, Pipa Spring and Baishi Spring are also on the route. After entering the Daming Lake, Chaoran Pavilion appears on the east bank of the lake. Visitors will then get to see Quancheng Square, a famous landmark in Jinan.

The bridges along the moat are also distinctive. There are more than 10 bridges with different styles and different characteristics on the route, including Pipa Bridge, Nanmen Bridge, Jiunv Bridge, Manao Bridge, Luoyuan Bridge and Shoukang Bridge.

Taking a boat along the city moat is a good way to enjoy the scenery in Jinan. [Photo by Wang Qin/WeChat account: gh_6caf012153b6]

Black Tiger Spring in Jinan. [Photo by Wang Qin/WeChat account: gh_6caf012153b6]

Chaoran Pavilion at Daming Lake [Photo by Wang Qin/WeChat account: gh_6caf012153b6]

Qinglong Bridge above the city moat [Photo by Wang Xiao/WeChat account: gh_6caf012153b6]

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