Meet Jinan: A bite of the spring city

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Food brings up memories and nostalgia from the bottom of one's heart and serves as a way to connect people. Dean Gordon Munk from Canada took a one-day trip to try out popular foods in Jinan and experience the city's food culture.

Starting his trip, Munk tried a typical breakfast – fried dough sticks and a bowl of tianmo (salt millet congee), then had a taste of sweet and sour carp, one of the most common dishes in Shandong cuisine. At night, he joined some new friends to stroll among the city's streets and eat the city's popular snack bazirou, a kind of stewed pork fillet with fat and thin meat. Munk got to try out some tasty treats during his trip, as he couldn't resist the charms and hospitality of Jinan. Check out the video to see more.

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