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Xin Qiji Memorial Hall

The Xin Qiji Memorial Hall opened to the public in 1998, showcasing the life of Xin Qiji, a famous poet and military officer in the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279), who was born in Jinan.

The memorial hall covering an area of 19,333 square meters has a pavilion featuring the ancient architectural style of the Song Dynasty (960-1279), a statue of Xin Qiji, a gallery, a memorial hall, and an exhibition room.

More than 30 precious historical photos and handwritings of Xin Qiji are also on display including the photocopy of his only calligraphy work Qu Guo Tie.

Address: South of Sifengzha village, Yaoqiang subdistrict, Jinan Innovation Zone

The statue of Xin Qiji [Photo/WeChat account: jinanshibao1996]

The former residence of Xin Qiji [Photo/WeChat account: jinanshibao1996]

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