Russian daughter-in-law falls in love with Jinan

Liu Nasijia (right) peels a scallion in a field in Zhangqiu, Jinan during a livestream sales session. [Photo/Ijinan App]

"Zhangqiu scallions taste very good," said Liu Nasijia, a Russian woman, during a livestream sales session.

Liu Nasijia is from Russia and she is currently working as a livestreamer selling Zhangqiu agricultural products such as scallions, millets, walnuts, and pepper with her husband, Liu Qiang, a local from Zhangqiu, Jinan.

During livestreams, Liu Qiang introduces the advantages and history of Zhangqiu scallions to her and answers audience's questions.

Before every livestream, Nasijia previews Chinese words in advance for the livestream, which are provided by her husband Liu Qiang. She said that her Chinese continues to improve, and so does her interest in Jinan.

She has not been in Jinan for very long, but she thinks it is a fascinating city.

She has been to many of Jinan's tourist attractions, such as Daming Lake and Quancheng Sqaure, and was impressed with the skyscrapers in the Jinan central business district, which are under construction.

She is now used to life in China and the married couple plans to settle down in Zhangqiu, as well as promote Jinan to Russia and the rest of the world via the internet.

Liu Nasijia eats scallion in a meal and she likes eating scallions and the boiled dumplings and steamed stuffed buns made by her mother-in-law. [Photo/Ijinan App]



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