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Top 10 camping destinations in Jinan

Here are 10 recommended spots for visitors to go camping in Jinan during the summer.

1. Paoma Mountain Eco-Leisure Resort

The Paoma Mountain Eco-Leisure Resort is around 40 kilometers from the city center and has a forest coverage rate of over 90 percent.

Location: No 1 Yunding Road, Paoma Mountain Eco-Leisure Resort, Liubu town, Licheng district, Jinan

Paoma Mountain Eco-Leisure Resort [Photo by Wang Xiao/WeChat account: jnslyj]

2. Jiuru Mountain Scenic Area

The scenic area offers visitors music performances, campfire parties, barbecues, and beer under the starry night sky.

Location: Jiuru Mountain Scenic Area, Huluyu village, Xiying town, Jinan

Jiuru Mountain [Photo by Li Feng/WeChat account: jnslyj]

3. Jinan Dream Land Theme Park

Jinan Dream Land Theme Park is an integrated outdoor base for children that includes education, scientific activities, handicraft techniques, parent-child interactions, and entertainment.

Location: West of the Wulong Mountain Reservoir in Zhonggong town, Licheng district, Jinan

4. Jinan Shiguzhai Scenic Spot

Jinan Shiguzhai Scenic Spot in Jinan's Shizhong district covers 3.33 square kilometers and is the largest ecological park closest to downtown Jinan. It is a natural oxygen bar integrating entertainment facilities and historical sites.

Location: No 116 Shigu village, Shizhong district, Jinan

Jinan Shiguzhai Scenic Spot [Photo by Li Feng/WeChat account: jnslyj]

5. Wild World Jinan

Children get the opportunity to interact with cute animals and feed them at Wild World Jinan. They can also sample a wide range of delicacies presented in various cartoon styles.

Location: 300 meters south of Jinan Botanical Park, Bucun subdistrict, Zhangqiu district

6. Qixingtai Scenic Area

The Qixingtai Scenic Area, located in Jinan's southern mountainous region, offers stunning scenery away from the city's hustle and bustle.

Location: Qixingtai Scenic Area, Duozhuang town, Zhangqiu district, Jinan

7. Lewo self-driving tour camp

Visitors can learn how to pitch a tent and assist one another in getting ready for a camping vacation.

Location: Lewo self-driving tour camp, Zhonggong town, Licheng district, Jinan

Lewo self-driving tour camp [Photo by Li Feng/WeChat account: jnslyj]

8. Jinxiang Mountain Scenic Area

Surrounded by picturesque views, Jinxiang Mountain Scenic Area is one of the most poetic campsites in summer.

Location: Jinxiang Mountain Scenic Area, Licheng district, Jinan

9. Starry Sky camping site

The Starry Sky camping site is ideal for those who want to enjoy picnics in the midst of blooming flowers. However, it is not permitted for visitors to bring their own tents.

Location: No 58 Qianjin Street, Heiyu village, Gaozhuang subdistrict, Laiwu district, Jinan.

Starry Sky camping site [Photo/WeChat account: jnslyj]

10. Xingkong Huahai camping site at Yellow River Peony Garden

The Xingkong Huahai camping site at Yellow River Peony Garden allows you to get away from the city and enjoy the natural environment.

Location: Baili Yellow River Scenic Area, Luokou subdistrict, Tianqiao district, Jinan

Xingkong Huahai camping site at Yellow River Peony Garden [Photo/WeChat account: jnslyj]

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