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Escape summer heat at Qingtong Mountain Grand Canyon

In the southern mountainous area of Jinan, there is a majestic Longgong Palace and a karst cave secretly hidden in the Qingtong Mountain Grand Canyon. Let's explore it!

Jinxiu Palace karst cave [Photo by Liu Hongbin/WeChat account: jnslyj]

Halfway up the hill of Qingtong Mountain is the Jinxiu Palace karst cave. There are various kinds of stalactites inside of the cave. When lit up by colorful lights, the stalactites turn the cave into a whimsical place. The cave is 1,000 meters long and is considered a rare stalactite cave in Jinan.

Longgong Palace [Photo by Wang Xiao/WeChat account: jnslyj]

The Jinxiu Palace karst cave is connected to the Longgong Palace, which is even more magnificent and mysterious. The Longgong Palace tourist attraction is divided into two halls, including 10 breathtaking scenic sites. The temperature inside the karst cave and the Longgong Palace stays around 18 degrees Celsius all year round, so in summer visitors should wear a jacket before entering the sites.

A glass hanging bridge [Photo by Liu Hongbin/WeChat account: jnslyj]

The 7D glass hanging bridge is 356 meters long, and towers 130 meters above the canyon. A simulation of the sound of broken glass and images of glass cracking happen when visitors walk across the bridge.

The gate of Qingtong Mountain [Photo by Liu Hongbin/WeChat account: jnslyj]

Through the tall and imposing gate of Qingtong Mountain, streams, green trees, lofty mountains, pavilions, fish ponds appear along the way up the steps, making the scenic spot a desirable place for people traveling from urban areas.

Facilities for high-altitude glass rafting project [Photo by Shao Kai/WeChat account: jnslyj]

A new program – high-altitude glass rafting – was launched on June 25 at the Qingtong Mountain Grand Canyon. The rafting trip is 1.5 kilometers long and 40 meters above the ground, and rotates 1,550 degrees.

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