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    The City Government Department
    Jinan People's Government Office
    Jinan Development and Reform Commission
    Jinan Economic and Information Commission
    Jinan Bureau of Education(The CPC Education Working Committee of Jinan)
    Jinan Science & Technology Bureau
    Jinan Municipal Public Security Bureau
    Jinan Supervision Bureau
    Jinan City Civil Affairs Bureau 
    Jinan Justice Bureau
    Jinan Finance Bureau
    Human Resources and Social Security Department of Jinan
    Jinan Bureau of Land and Resources
    Jinan Urban Planning Bureau
    Jinan Urban and Rural Construction Committee
    Jinan Urban Administration
    Jinan City Urban Management Bureau
    Jinan Environmental Protection Agency
    Communications Bureau of Jinan
    Jinan Water Conservancy Bureau
    Jinan Agricultural Bureau
    Jinan Forestry Bureau
    Jinan Bureau of Commerce
    Department of Culture, Radio, Film, TV, Press and Publication of Jinan
    Cultural Market and Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau of Jinan
    Jinan Health Development Planning Commission
    Jinan Food and Drug Administration
    Jinan Sports Bureau
    Jinan Auditing Bureau
    Jinan Statistical Bureau
    Jinan Bureau of Safe Production Supervision and Administration
    Jinan Ethnic and Religious Affairs Bureau
    Jinan Tourist Administration
    Jinan Food Bureau
    Jinan Foreign Affairs Office
    The State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the People's Government of Jinan
    Jinan Civil Air Defense Office
    Financial Affairs Office of Jinan
    Jinan Price Bureau
    Jinan Administrative Bureau for Industry and Commerce
    Jinan Quality and Technology Supervision Bureau
    Jinan Investment Promotion Bureau
    Department Administrative Organization
    Port Administration Office of Jinan
    Resident Agency of Jinan Government
    Jinan Hi-tech Industry Development Zone Management Committee
    Jinan Government Affairs Service center Management Office
    City Government Directly Affiliated Institutions
    The Municipal Authority Affairs Administration of Jinan
    Jinan Municipal Public Utility Bureau
    Jinan Urban Landscaping Bureau
    Jinan Animal Husbandry and Veterinary
    Jinan Seismological Bureau
    The Government Capital Settlement Center of Jinan
    Housing Accumulation Fund Management Center of Jinan
    Supply and Marketing Cooperatives of Jinan
    Office of Local Chronicles Compilation of Jinan
    County (District) Government 
    Lixia District 
    Shizhong District    
    Huaiyin District 
    Tianqiao District 
    Licheng District
    Changqing District 

    Zhangqiu District

    Jiyang District 

    Pingyin County 
    Shanghe County 

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