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    A Chinese visa is a permit issued to a foreigner by the Chinese visa authorities for entry,exit or through Chinese territory.
    The authorities of the Chinese Government abroad for handing foreigners’ application for entry or transit visas are Chinese diplomatic missions abroad, consular offices and other overseas agencies authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China.
    The visa authorities may issue a diplomatic, courtesy, service or ordinary visa to a foreigner according to the related law, his identity, and the purpose of visit to China as well as passport type. Besides, the ordinary visas consist of eight types, which are marked by Chinese phonetic alphabet in the following:
    L visa: Issued to aliens who come to China for sightseeing, visiting relatives or other private purposes.
    F visa: lssued to an applicant who is invited to China on a visit, on a study, lecture or business tour, for scientific-technological and cultural exchange, for a short-term refresher course or for job-training,for a period of no more than six months.
    X visa:lssued to aliens who come to China for study,advanced studies or job-training for a period of six moths or more.
    Z visa:lssued to aliens who are to take up employment and/or conduct business performance in China,and to their accompanying family members.
    G visa:lssued to aliens who transit through China.
    C visa:lssud to train attendants,air crew,sailors of operating international services and International aircraft crew,and to their accompanying family members.
    J visa:lssued to foreign correspondents.Besides,J-1 visa is issued to foreign resident correspondents in China;J-2 visa is issued to foreign correspondents that make a short trip to China for the purpose of reporting.
    D visa:lssued to aliens who are to reside permanently in China.
    According to Hong Kong SAR Basic Law Macao Special Administrative Region Basic Law,the two regions can self-control the exiting & entering after the handover of Hong Kong and Macao. Foreigners going to Hong Kong SAR can be handled according to the relevant regulations of Hong Kong SAR; Foreigners going to Macao Special Administrative Region can apply for a visa at the landing, except the visa-free foreigners.
    Visa Extension and Renewal
    After entering China, you can change new visa in Chinese visa authorities according to your purpose of visit to China and passport type. The authority that accepts visa services is Division of Exit and Entry Administration of Jinan Public Security Bureau.
    Division of Exit and Entry Administration of Jinan Police Department
    Address:NO.88 of Jingsan Weisi Road,Shizhong District,Jinan
    Working hours: from Monday to Friday(Saturday 9:00 to 11:30 a.m)
    Visiting China with an Invitation
    Foreign Residents in Jinan Inviting Overseas Friends
    Foreign residents in Jinan can send invitations to friends in the name of individuals, the invitees can apply short-term visiting visa in Chinese embassies and consulates and stay in China for a short time period.
    Visa and Visa Extension for Business Visit
    Usually Chinese Embassies and Consulates will issue a time period of one month, no more than 3 moths short-term visas for the inviting friends of foreign residents in Jinan, so you’d better plan your stay in China in advance.


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