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Inspection and Quarantine
    Inspection and Quarantine

    Frontier Health and Quarantine
    (Ⅰ)Who and What Should Be Inspected and Quarantined
    According to International Health Regulations and the Frontier Health and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China as well as the detailed rules of implementation,the Inspection and Quarantine Agency is in charge of health and quarantine of the persons entering or exiting China.Persons with fever,vomiting,cough,breathing difficulties,diarrhea and other symptoms,or persons suffering from infectious diseases or mental illness should orally report to the immigration and quarantine officials of the declare channel actively,and accept the inspection.Persons should honestly fill in “Entry-Exit Quarantine Health Declaration Card” in the times of major infectious diseases appear at home and abroad.
    (Ⅱ)Declaring Contents
    1.Mental illness,AIDS(including HIV), sexually transmitted diseases,tuberculosis and other diseases;
    2.Fever,cough,diarrhea,vomiting and other symptoms;
    3.Carry-on biological products,blood,blood products and other special items and discarded clothing;
    4.Visitors from yellow fever infected areas should produce a yellow fever vaccination certificate.
    (Ⅲ)Health Certificate
    Foreigner working or staying more than one year in China (Jinan) should accept health inspection and handle Health Certificate in Jinan International Traveling Health Care Center with his/her passport and recent 2-inch color photos without hat within 30 days of his/her arrival;Or take the foreign hospital’s health examination data which are recognized by Chinese Embassy with you,and apply for the Certification to Prove.
    Inspection and quarantine of persons entering or exiting China is charged by Airport Office of Jinan Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau.The Declaration of Inspection and Quarantine can be handled in Entering-Exiting Channel of Jinan Airport;you can consult the officials on spot or call 0531-82080769 for more information.
    Health Inspection & Vaccination Handling Institution:
    Jinan International Traveling Health Care Center
    Address:No.62 East of wenhua Road,Jinan
    Office Hour:8:30-12 a.m;1:30-5p.m.Monday to Friday
    Traffic:Take No.18,48,110,123,K59,K94 bus,get down at Shengzajituan stop.
    Inspection and Quarantine for Articles,Pets,Postal Parcels,Express Entering & Exiting China
    According to laws,persons as well as articles such as baggage and postal parcels should undergo quarantine inspection by the Administration of the Quarantine on Entry or Exit.Allowed imported plant seeds,seedlings and other propagation materials must be delivered for examination and approval in the relevant institution in advance.
    Carrying special articles into or out of the country must declare the matter to a Frontier Health and Quarantine Office in advance;the transportation of a corpse or human remains or ashes shall undergo quarantine inspection.
    Companion animals brought into China,such as cats or dogs ,with a limitation of one per person,require an official quarantine and inoculation certificate issued by the originating country or region’s animal and plant quarantine institution.
    Inspection and Quarantine for articles,companion animals,postal parcels and express are undergone by Animal and Plant Quarantine of Jinan Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau.You can consult 0531-88527243 for more information.
    Jinan Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau
    Address:No.5812 East of Erhuan Road,Jinan,Shandong
    Take No.62,64,102,121,123,K50,K90 buses,get down at East of Heping Road,go south about 200 meters;or take No.49,117,119,131 buses,get down at East of Wenhua Road,go north about 300 meters.

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