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Customs Regulations
    Customs Laws and Regulations

    Temporary Visitors
    A temporary visitor is a person who stays for a period of no longer than 12 months.The belongings of a temporary visitor who is leaving the country should not exceed travel needs.Temporary visitors should obey the following regulations:
    1.All inward and outward means of goods and articles shall enter or leave the territory at a place where there is a Customs Establishment,and shall be supervised by the Customs.
    2.There are “ltems to Declare Channel”and “Nothing to Declare Channel”,visitors carrying declared articles fall into “Items to Declare Channel”,visitors not carrying declared articles into “Nothing to Declare Channel”.Visitors who don’t know or not clear how to choose should fall into “Items to Declare Channel”,and handle declaration formalities to Customs.
    3.Passengers with the diplomacy,courtesy visas singing by the People’s Republic of China Government shall show your valid documents to the Customs in going through the Customs,the Customs will grant you the exit without inspection for courtesy.
    4.Anyone who violate the Customs regulations,evade Customs control,or carry the goods and articles that are forbidden,limited in existing and entering or do tax evasion will be published by the Customs according to Customs Law of the People’s Republic of China and Customs Administrative Punishment of the People’s Republic of China.
    Visitors carrying such items as followings should take the “ltems to Declare Channel”(Red Channel),and hand in the Reporting Document to the Customs,who will perform the entering procedure.The followings are:
    1.Personal articles intended to remain in the territory,valued at RMB2,000 or above,carried by non-Chinese residents;
    2.Carrying 1,500 ml or above of alcoholic drinks (containing 12% or above alcoholic content);400 sticks or above of cigarettes;100 sticks or above of cigars;500gs or above of tobacco;
    3.Carrying RMB20,000 cash or above,or any other foreign currencies in cash equivalent to $5,000 or above;
    4.Animals and plants,animal and plant products,microbes,biological products,human tissues,blood and blood products;
    5.Carrying unaccompanied baggage,goods of commercial value,samples,and advertisements;
    6.Other articles needed to claim to Customs.
    Passengers carrying foreign currencies more than equivalent $5000 outward shall apply for the Permit issued by Customs.Currencies re-carrying outside of China shall be released by the Customs on the declaration of the last entry upon departure.Currencies under Permission can be released by Customs.
    Unaccompanied baggage should be declared to the Customs in the time of passengers’ entering China.After approved by the Customs,the unaccompanied baggage can be brought into China within 6 months (including 6 months).
    The transportation of unaccompanied luggage out of China should be applied to the local Customs before the owner’s exiting.After approving by the Customs,passengers can check in.The unaccompanied luggage is mainly limited within daily necessities,books,and heavy items.
    The religious publications and audio-visual products carried by individuals with reasonable personal use amount are allowed entering.
    Long-term non-resident passengers
    “Long-term non-resident passengers”refers to the foreign citizens,individuals from Hong Kong,Macao and Taiwan and overseas Chinese who are ratified to enter China Customs territory by the police and continuously reside in China Customs territory for one year or more,and shall return to the settlement out of China Customs territory on the expiration of the residence.They should obey the following regulations in clearance:
    1.Long-term non-resident passenger can apply importing articles for personal use only after acquiring the Long-term Residence Certificate.Articles imported for personal use shall be released duty-free for the first time with the exception of the permitted inward vehicles that are mentioned above and 20 kinds of commodities that shall be taxed according to the relevant regulations of China.Long-term non-resident passengers applying to import articles for personal use after the first time shall pay customs duties.
    2.Long-term non-resident passenger importing or exporting articles shall limit to the reasonable quantity for personal use.Among the long-term non-resident passengers,permanent personnel are entitled to import motor vehicles limiting one individual to one motor vehicle.Other long-term non-resident passengers are untitled to import motor vehicles.
    3.Long-term non-resident passenger importing or exporting articles for personal use shall submit written application to the competent customs personally or by authorizing the declaration enterprise.The inward or outward articles will be examined and released by the customs office of entry or exit on the basis of the examination and approval documents of the competent customs and other related papers and documents.
    Transfer of Ownership
    Items that a foreigner brings into China free of duty may not be transferred. If,under special circumstances,such items need to be transferred,prior approval must be obtained from Customs and you or the recipient must complete the tax paying or exemption procedures with customs.
    Permanent staff’s tax entry motor vehicles can be ownership transferred after one year to be counted from the day of finishing vehicle registration formalities on traffic service department.
    Carrying Cultural Relics
    Passengers carrying , transporting and mailing cultural relics abroad must declare to the Customs.After verifying the exit certificate and the seals on the cultural relics by Cultural Administration Manage Department as well as the Heritage Export Invoices , or examining the Proof of Export Licenses issued by specified Shandong Cultural Relics Appraisal Institute , Customs will grant the exit.
    Transporting or mailing cultural relics out of China without declaration to the Customs , whether or not to conceal,belongs to smuggling . The cultural relics declared to the Customs with no offical seal “C” and Permission for Cultural Relics Exiting will be prohibited from exportation.Articles will be returned outward or will be kept in the appointed warehouse by the customs . The owners or agents shall reclaim within three months (passengers traveling back and forth to Hong Kong or Macao are limited within one month) . The Customs will deal with them according to the relevant regulations if none will reclaim them overdue.
    Passengers carrying , transporting and posting temporarily re-exiting cultural relics shall subject to the examination and verification of the cultural relics entry and exit examination body that originally made the examination and registration ; if no error is found through the examination and verification , the Department of Cultural Relics Administration under the State Council shall place an offcial seal “C” on each and issue Permission for Cultural Relics Exiting , and the customs shall release the cultural relics on the basis of that permit
    Consulting Teleohone of Airport Office of Jinan Customs:0531-82080631
    Long-term non-residence passengers can apply their unaccompanied luggage to:
    Jinan Customs Processing Trade Management Services
    Consulting telephone:0531-85053026
    Address of National Heritage exit Shandong Station:
    No.129 Jingshidong Road , Jinan
    Tel : 0531-85058186  Fax : 0531-85058188

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