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    Local Snacks

    Pansi Bing (Spiral Pancake)
    It takes the shape of a spiral. Crispy in the surface while soft and tender inside, it is often served as dissert on table.
    Sweet Crispy Pancake
    The pancake is known for being sweet and crispy. Though without any preservatives, it can be preserved for quite a long time while the taste doesn't change. Thus it has become a popular present for visitors to take for their families and friends.
    Youxuan (Crispy Pastry Spiral)
    Crispy and light salty, also with a flavor of chive, Youxuan is one of the most popular snacks in Jinan. The little spiral has been enjoyed for over 100 years. It is perfect to be eaten hot. A bowl of rice noodle or wonton would be a good companion.
    Guotie (Fried Dumpling)
    Light fried dumpling, stuffed mostly with pork and vegetables, is the commonly seen Guotie. The wrapper is soft and chewy and the fried dumpling is of a stronger taste than the boiled ones.
    Caobao Stuffed Bun
    Named after the founder of a suffed bun restaurant, whose nickname was Caobao which reflected his honest character. The restaurant is now selling stuffed buns of over 10 flavors, with pork stuffed bun the most popular. The stuffed buns are perfect to be eaten with other Shandong cuisines, such as pork and cucumber salad, egg soup and peanut paste. Remember to pack the leftover buns, if any, with lotus leaves provided by the restaurant.
    Fried Lotus
    A noted summer snack in Jinan. Young lotus blossoms are folded, stuffed with mashed red bean, and dipped into a mixture of egg white and flour. Fried twice until its color turned light yellow. Fried lotus, with an even sprinkle of sugar, is crispy and sweet. The most wonderful part is you are always able to taste the aroma of lotus blossom.
    Suguo is a popular snack for winter. Seaweed is cooked with lotus root, pork and fish. All ingredients are boiled soft, with a taste of being soar and salty.
    Vegetarian Stuffed Bun
    Vegetarian stuffed bun of Changqing District, Jinan, is featured for its big size. Each bun requires 50g of flour and 50g of filling. The filling is mostly vegetable and jelly noodle. Who can resist the temptation of the lovely and yummy thing?
    Sesame Sauce Pastry
    As the name indicates, the pastry is made with sesame sauce. It was created by Hui ethnicity in Jinan. The golden pastry, with over 10 layers, is crispy and tasty. By the way, spiced beef is a wonderful companion of sesame sauce pastry!

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