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    Residence Registration
        The Residence Permit can be divided as cultural &educational experts , students , and foreign workers,art performers in business,high-level talents and investors. The applicants should offer the following materials to the Division of Entry-Exit Administration of the Jinan Municipal Bureau of Public Security:
        1. Valid passport , visa and the photocopies;
        2. A recent 2-inch photo without hat with white or light-blue background;
        3.Medical form (original),Employment certificate or Foreign Experts Certificate, Organization Code Certificate and the photo copies;
        4. Resume;
        5.Unit Certification;
        6.Fill in Foreigners visas, Residence Permit Application Form.
    1.Besides the materials mentioned above , foreign students should provide Admission Notice Form , JW201 or JW202; foreign workers should provide the company introduction, copy of Industrial and Commercial Business License , Approval Certificate and its copies; art performers in business should provide their Certificates and copies, issued by Culture Department or Provencal Culture Bureau authorized by Culture Department; high-level talents should supply the files such as Letters authorized by the working units, Foreign Experts Certificate or Alien Employment Permit; Investors should supply Foreign-Invested Enterprise Approval Certificate,License and other relevant certificates; Ones who apply the Residence for their family must answer inquiry and offer personal Residence and photocopies as well as Kinship Proof;
    2. The first-time application should be dealt with by the foreigner himself/herself; 
    3. Residence owner should apply new Residence from the issuing authority within 10days since his/her changing resident reasons,passport number, accompanied persons, etc; 
    4.Residence owner should apply new Residence from the issuing authority within 10 days since his/her changing of address,school,and working unit;
    5. Moving from one city to another , he/she can change his/her information on the Residence from the existing or entering local police station.
    Requirements of Renting A House or Apartment
    1. Lodging at a guesthouse , hotel,inn,hostel,school or other enterprise or institution , or at a government organ or other Chinese organization,aliens should present a valid passport or residence certificate and complete a temporary accommodation registration form . Aliens should present appropriate travel permits when seeking accommodation in areas closed to aliens ;
    2. When an alien wishes to lodge at the home of a Chinese resident in urban areas,the host or the lodger should,within 24 hours of the lodger's arrival,report to the local public security organ with the lodger's passport and certificate as well as the host's residence booklet and fill in a temporary accommodation registration form. In rural areas,the host or lodger should report to the local police station or residence registration office within 72 hours of the lodger's arrival; 
    3. When an alien lodges at a foreign institution in China or at the home of an alien in China,the institution in question or the host should report to the public security organ with the lodger's passport or residence certificate and fill in a temporary accommodation registration form; 
    4. If a foreigner with a residence permit leaves his/her residence and stays temporarily in another place,he/she should fill out a Temporary Lodging Registration Form at the place of his temporary stay (if changing residence, he/she should renew the Temporary Lodging Registration Form) ; 
    5. If a foreigner lodges in a residential mobility temporarily , he/she should report to the public security organ within 24 hours. In maintaining public clarity and civilized image,people are forbidden to sleep out in the following public areas: airport,bus stations,terminals , sidewalks( bridges , underpass) and urban green space. 
    ※Residence Sites:
     You can go to the local police station of the foreigner's residence, or fill in a temporary accommodation registration form in the front desk of the foreign hotel.
    Apartment Renting 
    A foreigner may find a house in Jinan himself/herself or through a real estate intermediary. But you should find normal intermediary,before renting please pay attention to avoid the following situations:
    1. There is no certificate of ownership;
    2. The house is sealed up by rulings or decisions of judicial or administrative organs or housing and land rights are restricted in other ways by these organs; 
    3. The house is jointly owned and consent of one or more joint owners is lacking ; 
    4. Ownership is disputed; 
    5. The building is illegal;
    6. The house does not meet safety standards;
    7. The house is mortgaged and consent of the mortgagee has not been obtained; 
    8. The house fails to meet requirements set by public security , environmental protection,health or other competent authorities;
    9. The house may not be rented according to other laws , regulations and rules.
    How to Find A Suitable Residence
    Coming here for the first time,you may be worried about your suitable residence. Jinan International Exchange Service Center will provide an office or residence advisory service,including recommending to foreigners suitable candidate offices or residences when necessary. You may also rely on trustworthy housing intermediaries to do the job for you. When purchasing a house or apartment, you should ensure the real estate developments has all the required documents. In addition,you should process the relevant procedure with the Jinan Municipal Housing and Land Administration Bureau , or you can ask Jinan International Exchange Service Center to do these for you.
        Jinan Estate Administration Bureau
        Address: NO.88 Jingqi Road,Jinan
        Tel: 0531-82077810
        Jinan International Exchange Service Center
        Address: No.26 North of Baotuquan Road, Jinan
        Tel: 0531-86931342

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