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        Employment in Jinan
        Before entering China for employment with a Chinese organization,a foreigner should apply for a visa at his or her local Chinese embassy with an Alien's Work Certificate in the People's Republic Bureau of Labor and Social Security,and official notification for visa application and a valid passport. After the foreigner enters China,the employer should show the certificate,a valid contract and the employee's passport to the Shandong Municipal Bureau of Labor and Social Security,who will issue an Alien's Work Permit.
        Those foreigners who have not obtained Residence Permits (holders of F,L,C or G visas),those who are studying or doing an internship in China,and dependents of foreigners holding working visa should not accept illegal employment in China. In special circumstances,the foreigner who is to be employed should have his visa status changed at the public security bureau by his employer and apply for an Alien's Work Permit and Residence Permit before employment.
        For more details,please visit the website of Shandong Municipal Bureau of Labor and Social Security at http://www.sdsi.gov.cn.

        If you're in need of employing Chinese workers,you should go to the normal labor agencies. Jinan International Exchange Center can provide comprehensive service for you.
        Jinan International Exchange Service Center
        Address: NO.26 North ot Baotu Road,Jinan

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