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     The marriage system featuring freedom in marriage,monogamy and gender equality is practiced in China. Marriage registration is a necessary legal procedure for marriage.
        The foreigner should produce the following documents and materials:
        1. Valid passports or other valid international travel documents ( the original and photocopy);
        2. Proof issued by his/her country of origin and attested by the Chinese embassy ( consulate) abroad that the person has no spouse,or proof issued by the embassy of his/her country in China that he/she has no spouse;
        3. Certification issued by countries that have no diplomatic relations with China should be approve by the embassy of the third country to his/her country or China embassy to the third country embassy, which has diplomatic relations with China and his/her country; Or issued by the third country's embassy to China (consult Division of Foreign -Related Marriage Registration of Shandong Civil Affairs Bureau for Foreign documents and Certifications translation ). Three 2-inch recent half一length bareheaded photographs join of the two sides.

        The foreigners should submit the following documents and materials for divorcing:
        1. Valid passport and other valid international travel documents ( the original and photocopy);
        2. Marriage Certificate ( the original and photocopy );
        3. Divorce Agreement,both parties should sign the Divorce Agreement before the registrar (the Agreement should contain clearly both parties' voluntary divorce will as well as the consensus on children rising,property and debt,etc.;
        4. Both parties should handle two 2-inch recent bust single photographs
        Replacement of Marriage Registration Certificate
        If you suffer the loss or damage of Marriage Registration Certificate,you can apply a new one from the original marriage registration or the local marriage reg istration,with your Booklet,ID card (or passport) and other valid identity documents as well as the Marriage Proof File.
        Division of Foreign-Related arriage Registration of the Jinan Civil Affairs Bureau
        Address: NO.99 Jianshe Road, Jinan
        Tel : 0531-82866156

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