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        Rules to be Followed for Engaging in Religious Activities in China
        To maintain the social& public interests, the carrying of religious publications and audio-visual products with any contents against the Chinese public interests is prohibited to entering into China. Foreigners should obey Chinese laws and regulations,should not establish any religious organizations, religious offices,and open any religious activity places or religious schools or training courses under any name or in any form. Nor should they preach to or develop followers or appoint religious personnel in Chinese citizens or do other missionary activities.

        Engaging In Religious Activities in Jinan
        The Chinese Government respects the freedom of religious belief of foreigners in China and they may attend religious activities in temples, mosques,churches and other places of worship. At the invitation of religious groups at and above the provincial,autonomous region and municipality level, foreigners may come to preach in China. Foreigners may organize religious activities for foreigners in places approved by the religious affairs authorities of the People's Government at and above the county level and invite Chinese religious personnel to conduct Baptism,marriage,funeral rites and other religious rituals. Foreigners may bring religious publications,audio-visual ma-
    terials and other religious items for private use when entering China.

        Opened Places of Religion
        1. Xingguochansi Temple Buddhism
        Started from Sui& Tang periods,and enlarged its scale during Zhenguan years in Tang Dynasty (627-649),Xingguochansi Temple is called the first Temple of Qianfo Mountain,and is ensured as the important national temple of Buddhism.
        ( Address: in the Scenery of Qianfo Mountain)
        2. Taoism Penglai Temple
        Started in 1918,it belongs to Quanzhen Zonglong Branch of Taoism
        ( Address: No. 2 Xialvshi Street,Dong guan )
        3. Hongjialou Catholic Church
        It is the largest scale Catholic Church in Jinan,and is also the large scale Catholic Church building in North China. It started building in 1901,and finished in 1905. In 1992,this church was chosen as the second batch of provincial key units to be protected,and in 2006 it was listed in the sixth batch of national key units to be protected.
        (Address: No.1 Hongjialou,West of Shandong University)
        4. Chenjialou Catholic Church
        It was built by German missionary in 1908 (Guangxu 33 of Qing Dynasty), it's a typical Gothic Catholic church.
        ( Address: No.60 Chenjialou,Tianqiao District)
        5. Christ Church on Jingsi Road
        Started in 1924,and finished in 1926,it is the biggest Christ church in Jinan,being the chapel of Shandong Christian self-reliance at one time. It's the excellent provincial building,which is the first Christ church that was designed, invested and built completely by Chinese. In 1993,it was selected in The Chinese Religious Cultural Grand.
        ( Address: No.425 Jingsi road )
        6. Christ Church on Nanshangshan Street
        Started in 1923,it can hold about 600 people. Before liberation,American Missionary Jonathan once preached here.
        ( Address: No. 20 Nanshangshan Street,Shizhong District)
        7. Islam Nanda Mosque
        It is one of the famous Mosques of earlier Islam in China,and was listed in the provincial key units to be protected. It was started in the first year of Yuanzhen in Yuan Dynasty ( 1295),combined Chinese and western architectural cultures. It's a large scale Islam building,holding more than 1200 people to church together.
        ( Address: No. 47 Yongqing Street, Hui Community, Jinan )
        8. Islam Beida Mosque
        It's one of the famous national Mosques,listed in the first batch of
    provincial key units to be protected,can hold about 1,000 Muslims.
        ( Address: NO.23 Yongqing Street,Hui Community,Jinan )

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