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    Public safety

    Jinan has good public security. It is a safe place to live and travel in,with very little violent crime. However,it is prohibited to attend or participate in any activities that violate the law.
        If you suffer the loss of important items like your passport or other travel documents,you should immediately report the loss to the local police station and the Division of Entry-Exit Administration of the Jinan Municipal Bureau of Public Security. At the same time,you should apply to your diplomatic mission in China for replacement of your lost items.
        ※Please be aware that transaction,transfer,fabrication and
    modification of passport are illegal acts and punishable by law.
        If you are involved in a car accident or work injury,you should report immediately to the local police station or the entity that you work for and inform your friends and relatives or your diplomatic mission in China. You can ask your consular official to urge the authorities to punish the person responsible and assist you in receiving compensation through legal means or via your insurance company.
        In case of natural disasters you should contact your diplomatic mission in China immediately. Keep important documents and records including passport, exit record,insurance and banking records in a safe place. You should make copies of the important documents you leave at home or take with you as a precautionary measure.
        If you see someone behaving in a suspicious manner outside your
    residence,report immediately to the security guards of the property management department. If you return home to find any unusual signs or signs clearly indicating burglary,do not enter or randomly check the site to find out what is missing. Call the police immediately. There are police stations at major road intersections and numerous patrol cars on the streets
        ※When in emergency,please call the following numbers for
        Police : 110
        Fire: 119
        Ambulance : 120
        Road accident : 122

        Protection of Intellectual Property Rights
        At present Chinese laws concerning the protection of intellectual property rights are mainly the General Rules of the Citizen Law of the People's Republic of China,and the Trademark Law of the People's Republic of China, the Patent Law of the People's Republic of China,the Contract Law of the People's Republic of China,the Rules of Computer Software Management, the Corporation Law of the People' s Republic of China,the Foreign Trade Protection Law of the People's Republic of China,and the Commercial Banking Law of the People's Republic of China,the Scientific Fruit Transferring Rules of the People's Republic of China also concerns the protection of intellectual property rights
        Foreign experts' intellectual property rights of patents,works,special techniques and trademarks are respected and protected by the Chinese government. If the expert or his company applies for patent or trademark protection,they will own it and the right to profit from it. The Chinese government and the departments concerned will maintain business secrets according to the law. The secrets cover design plans,production processes, formulas,information of material name lists of customers,policies of manufacture and sales,bids and documents. Obtaining such secrets by illegal means,such as stealing,deceit or threat,or giving them out in violation of agreements is prohibited by the law .

        How to Set Legal Disputes
        You can set legal disputes through mediation,arbitration,and judicial methods. Such service can be provided to foreigners in Jinan by Shandong Conciliation Center (Qingdao),Jinan Arbitration Commission,and Jinan People's Court.

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