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    I. Jinan Library
    As a national first grade library and key protection unit of ancient books, Jinan Library is a comprehensive public library. Jinan Library and Jinan Children’s Library were founded on July 1st, 1953 and May 31st, 1986, respectively. Both libraries are merged with the same leaders’ organization. Jinan Library is divided into a new hall and an old hall, with the old hall located at 150 Jingsan Road (to the west of Jinan Zhongshan Park) and with a floor area of 9,000 square meters and the new hall located at provincial culture center, around 2km to the east of Huaiyin District West Railway Station (intersection of Lashanhe West Road and Xingfusi  Road) and with a floor area of 41,000 square meters. The total floor area and seats of both libraries are 50,000 square meters and 3,000, respectively. The collection emphasizes on comprehensiveness, publicity and locality, with various documentary collections of 2.65 million volumes, including 1.95 million volumes of Chinese common books, ancient books, bound volume of newspapers and periodicals, audiovisual documents, 700,000 volumes of bought-in electronic documentaries, 140,000 volumes of ancient books, including 10,000 volumes of rare ancient books of 1,000 categories.

    The number of staff of Jinan Library is 127, including 16 people with master degree, 70 people with bachelor degree and 35 people with college degree. The professional technique staff numbered 94 people, including 19 people with title of senior professional post and 42 people with title of medium professional post. The organization chart of the library includes 10 departments, i.e. general affairs department, organization personnel office, local literature department of ancient books, editorial department, borrowing department, newspaper department, children’s room, cultural activities department, operation guarantee department, network information department. The library is equipped with a lecture hall, an exhibition hall, a multi-function music hall and conference rooms, training rooms to provide diversified services for readers. The library boasts a collection of 2 million literature books and a daily reception capacity of 8,000-10,000 people.

    The library has a LAN of 10 gigabits, 300-megabit fiber optic internet service. Its wireless network covers the entire library, providing wireless internet service free of charge for readers. By using RFID smart library management system, the library provides comprehensive self-service. Several large touch screens enable readers to read books, newspapers, pictures, ancient books, rubbings from stone inscription and enjoy music. Jinan digital reader platform enables readers to read electronic literature free of charge anywhere in Jinan. Mobile library provides readers with bibliographic query, electronic journals and books reading services so that readers may enjoy high-efficiency and high-quality cultural services in zero time difference and zero distance.

    The library is open to the public for 365 days, with library card established for free. Books are open to readers in the form of open shelves reading, literature borrowing, reading inside the room, retrieval, consulting, lecture, exhibition, multi-media, digital resources reading and training. 57 branch libraries and mobile stations are built, including national advanced and provincial first-class automobile library, 24 hours self-service library. These libraries expand service scope and enrich the cultural life of the majority people at grass-roots. The annual reception of readers in the library is 900,000 people per time. The documents reading totaled 700,000 volumes per time and website visits totaled 300,000 people per time. Around 100 public lectures, exhibitions and essay contests attracted about 100,000 people. Advanced service, diversified content and scientific management have increasingly made Jinan Library cultural hall favored by the majority people.

    Jinan Library has won several titles including National Advanced Collective of Cultural System, National Advanced Unit for All Readers, Shandong Advanced Unit of Cultural Reform, Shandong Advanced Unit in the Construction and Services of Cultural and Information Source Sharing Project. In addition, the library has been appraised and elected as provincial civilized unit for seven consecutive years. All people reading activity named “Books Reading in Spring City” has won “Galaxy Award” in the tenth China Art Festival. Reading a meaningful book in the summer vocation, automobile library, Sinotruck Jinan Readers Photo Contest have won the first, second and third prize, respectively in the all people reading and promotion activity and innovative case held by Library Society of China. Successful parents’ classroom and automobile library have been credited as Shandong Public Library Featured Service Brand. In addition, Jinan Library Society has been awarded with the title of “National Large and Medium-sized City Model Society”.

    Address of the new hall of Jinan Library: intersection of Lashanhe Eat Road and Weihai Road
    Bus route: Visitors may take bus 133 (or K133), K156, get off at Jinan Library station and walk 100 meters to the north direction.
    Self-driving route: Visitors may drive along the west exit of Beiyuan Gaojia Bridge and to the intersection of Lashanhe East Road and Weihai Road (located north of Shandong Provincial Grand Theatre), then park at the north parking lot of the library.

    II. Shandong Provincial Library
    Shandong Provincial Library was founded in 1909 (the first year of the reign of Xuantong Emperor). It is one of ten major libraries in China, famed with a long history and grand collections. According to the Record of Libraries Built in Shandong, Luo Zhengjun, the Tixueshi (Shandong provincial education administrative officer) in Shandong built a library in the northeast of the old Examination House. This library was similar to the old system of “Tianyige” built by a designer surnamed Fan in Zhejiang. It was quite elegant and unique, with ancient woods and artificial hill, curved river and bridge. At that time, people called it the most beautiful library in the country.

    By the end of 2004, the literature collected by the library numbered 6.12 million volumes, creating a systematic library with great characteristics. Its collection in the field of light industry, medicine, philosophy has reached research level while its special collections of Shandong historical annals and Haiyuange, Book of Changes, Shandong revolution literature are ranking first in China. The current collections of Shandong historical annals totaled 600 categories while this library has a collection of 528 categories of Shandong historical annals and 58 categories of rare ancient books. Wanli Yanzhou historical annals collected in this library are unique in China. The special collections of Haiyuange totaled 2,280 categories and 32,000 volumes, accounting for two third of the current collections of Haiyuange. In addition, it has collected the original handwritings or paintings of many well-known people, such as Lin Zexu, Weng Tongshu, Wu Shifen, Qian Yiji, Xu Han, etc. The library has collected 1,317 categories of Book of Changes, totaled 2,205 versions and almost 10,000 volumes. In addition, Tang dynasty calligraphers, Selected Books, block-printed edition threaded book in Song dynasty, scarf box size book titled Ten Thousand Scrolls in Song dynasty, Liaozhai Corpus, manuscript of Pu Songling, Kunlun Mountain Book collated by Wang Shizhen are all treasure books handed down from ancient times.

    Periodicals in the library cover various disciplines, forming a featured comprehensive newspapers system. The official newspaper of Shandong Independent Revolutionary Alliance in the Revolution of 1911 named Qilu Communique, the official newspaper of former Bohai district committee of Chinese Communist Party named Bohai Daily, the official newspaper of Jiaodong district committee titled Dazhong Newspaper are valuable.

    The foreign documents in this library are featured in the field of light industry, chemical engineering, electronic technology, environmental protection, medicine and health. American Chemical Abstracts has been collected since 1907; Japanese Patent Document  has been collected since early 1960s. American Patent Abstract, World Patent Index and American Engineering Index are quite valuable in research and development.

    As state-built comprehensive public library, Shandong Provincial Library is key component in socialist science, education and cultural undertaking. It is academic institution providing books borrowing and information consultation services to social public. In the guideline of “All for readers”, the library provides services for readers in the form of reading, borrowing, topic retrieval, consultation, information service, translation, exhibition host, report and lecture. Currently, the library has 44 windows open to the public, which are open for 73.5 hours per week. 9 types of library cards are available. It has daily reception of almost 5,000 readers and established literature exchange relationship with Japan, North Korea, USA, UK, and Hong Kong.

    Located in Jinan High-tech Development Zone, the new hall of Shandong Provincial Library was built in 1994. The entire project is divided into two phases. Phase I project is comprehensive reading building, with construction area of 35,830 square meters and investment of 110.481 million Yuan. The main building is featured with six-story hollow type. Its internal structure is large bay beam column network, with beam column gap of 7.2 meters, each floor area ranging from 2,000 square meters to 6,000 square meters. Modular design is adopted in the building, with grand momentum and compact structure, strong and elegant design, the modern symbol of Qilu culture. The stack building in the phase II project has a total of 12 layers.

    The new hall meets the requirement of modern information and open library by providing comprehensive and profound services. Firstly, the library realizes business and office automation by relying on modern computer network facility. Books purchasing, cataloging, borrowing, directory information query, information consulting services are managed by computer to gradually establish library bibliographic database, secondary document database and full-text database with rich contents, accuracy and high efficiency. Secondly, the library transforms from closed to open management and service. Open stack management is done to the borrowing of books, periodicals and literature, with the previous two open borrowing and reading rooms increasing to the current eight rooms, and the previous 150,000 volumes of open stack books increasing to the current 1.5 million volumes. More than 35 various reading rooms and research rooms are open to the public, with more than 2,000 seats available to readers. The number of service items increases greatly to meet various requirements of readers.

    Address: 2912 2nd Ring East Road, Jinan city
    Tel: 0531-85590781

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